Custom Voice Commands

load photos and more by voice

Use our web app or smartphone apps to create custom voice commands to:

load photos, videos, notes and webpages by voice command

talk to Alexa and invoke Alexa Skills

place phone calls, send text message or emails by voice

load your favorite YouTube videos or playlists

load your favorite SoundCloud or 8tracks music playlists

load your favorite podcasts by voice command

control your apps and devices by voice command (via IFTTT)

view photos and notes by voice from your smartwatch

share voice commands with friends

Here are a few examples:

”good morning” (Alexa will reply with a greeting)

”what’s the weather today?” (Alexa will reply with the weather forecast)

”what’s the tallest mountain in Asia” (Alexa will tell you)

”show me the photo of the day” (a beautiful photo slideshow will display)

”show me the latest news” (a list of recent news articles will appear)

”play pop music” (a pop music playlist will play)

Customize with your own voice commands like:

”call the boss” (to call your boss)

”text my baby” (to text your significant other)

”show me my favorite lunch photos” (to see a slideshow of your favorite lunch photos)

”show me my shopping list” (to see your shopping list)

”show me mom’s meatloaf recipe” (to retrieve your mom’s recipe)

”show me the company purchase order” (to view a OneDrive, Google Drive, or SharePoint document)

”play my pop music playlist” (to play your favorite pop music from YouTube, SoundCloud, etc.)

”show me cute animal photos” (to see your favorite cute animal photos)

Checkout our demo videos: