load your photos, notes, and more using custom voice commands from your phone, watch, or computer

Custom Voice Commands

Link your favorite photos and notes to voice commands like "favorite lunch photos" or "show me my grocery list" then, to view them, just speak your command from our Android or Apple smartphone, smartwatch apps, or our Chrome web app. You can also link voice commands to videos, documents, any URL!

See It in Action

Watch this demo video to see how to use Treycent apps to view your favorite photos by voice command. Also, checkout our YouTube channel to see more examples.

Shared Slideshows

Share a voice command with friends, each friend can then upload their photos too, creating a Shared Slideshow. Each slideshow is linked to voice command (e.g. "latest selfies") and can have up to 7 photos at a time with new photos replacing old ones. Create as many slideshows as you want using voice commands like: "best vacation photos", "funny pet photos", "graduation photos", etc.