Why Does Alexa Demie Lie About Her Age?

Why Does Alexa Demie Lie About Her Age
Alexa has been subjected to criticism for playing an on-screen teenager. – Ageism is once again rearing its ugly head in Hollywood and this time 31-year-old Alexa Demie is the target. Alexa rose to fame for playing the role of 17-year-old Maddy Perez in HBO’s explosive teen drama series Euphoria,

It wasn’t long before her age became the subject of speculation, when fans noticed that her Wikipedia and IMDB pages did not display her date of birth – like it did with the rest of Euphoria’s cast members. The actress has never shared her real age with the world, presumably to avoid misogyny in what is an undeniably youth-obsessed world.

But recently, a video made by one of Alexa’s former classmates went viral on TikTok. It showed Alexa’s name and photo in a 2007 high school graduation yearbook, confirming the actress to be 31 years old. And the internet went into a frenzy. I just found out Alexa Demie from Euphoria is 31 years old 🤯 pic.twitter.com/cxjvi3j19S — taylor (taylor’s version) 🦋 (@tayvictoriam07) February 20, 2022 The most common conversation focused on how good she looks for her age.

And I hate to be the one to break it to you, but 31 is not old. The reason Alexa looks young is because she is young. Sure, it seems harmless and people aren’t intending to be offensive – but it’s kind of a back-handed compliment because it implies that women over the age of 30 are not typically attractive or worthy of admiration.

It also perpetuates the notion that a woman’s worth is intrinsically linked to her appearance. Others, although obviously not serious, raved over how the actress is “immortal”. She was even photoshopped into famous events in history, like The French Revolution, the fall of the Berlin Wall and The Stonewall Riots. Meanwhile, some people have expressed a problem with Alexa playing a 17-year-old at her age, deeming it inappropriate. They even condemned her involvement in sex scenes with younger cast members – but it’s worth noting that any of her co-stars involved in scenes of this nature have been in their mid-20s.

It is also not uncommon for people in their late 20s or early 30s to play teenagers on film. In fact, this is usually the standard. And several Twitter users have pointed out the blatant misogyny here – no one ever seems to have a problem with it if it’s a man. people finding out alexa demie is 31 & having a problem with it shows how hollywood is ageist because if it was a man, people wouldn’t care.

— ‏ً (@karaenyra) January 19, 2022 Sexism is people being okay with 30 year old men playing high school and college frat guys, and then getting angry when they realize Alexa Demie is 31. The double standards sis💀💀 — Ray Mona (@TheRayMona) February 23, 2022 Of course, ageism in Hollywood is nothing new, but it feels like we’ve seen it a lot lately.

  1. When the Sex and The City reboot hit our screens late last year, much of the focus was on how old the cast looked.
  2. We saw the same with the Friends 20th anniversary reunion.
  3. Soon after, Courteney Cox opened up about the pressure of being publicly ridiculed over her appearance for years, and how she opted for numerous cosmetic procedures to the point where she hardly recognised herself.

The misogynistic commentary surrounding actresses in Hollywood is clearly not going anywhere soon. Actually, in Alexa’s case, the fact it’s directed toward a very young actress is all the more worrying. Can we really blame her for hiding her age for so long? On a more positive note, the uproar over the revelation has reignited a much-needed conversation regarding society’s attitude towards ageing actresses.

Did Alexa Demie get bullied?

Early life – Born in Los Angeles, California, Demie grew up in the neighborhood of Atwater Village. She was raised by her mother, Rose Mendez, a make-up artist whose family immigrated to Los Angeles from Mexico when she was an infant and who got pregnant with Demie at an “extremely young” age.

  1. Demie has said that she “didn’t grow up with the best male figures in life” or “much respect for men”.
  2. She lived in an apartment across the street from a meth lab and next door to several meth addicts, with the Black Eyed Peas recording studio being around the corner from her.
  3. According to her, there was frequent fighting and yelling in her home growing up, and she ran away from home as a teenager in order to escape her toxic family environment.

However, she has described her family as “very supportive” and “there for each other”. From elementary to high school, Demie was bullied by her classmates, describing herself during that time as “quite a loner”. She got involved with performing arts in high school during her senior year.

While in high school, she spent her spare time bedazzling sunglasses that she purchased from Downtown Los Angeles, which led to her creating Mainframe, a line of sunglasses that she began selling at a store on Melrose Avenue where her friend worked. The brand eventually became popular overseas, with Mainframe glasses being worn by G-Dragon, Jennifer Lopez, Nicki Minaj, and Amber Rose and appearing in Vogue Korea, though she soon stopped making them due to not being paid for her designs.

Also in high school, she started writing songs and designed a costume for one of Minaj’s first music videos. Demie had plans to become a fashion designer but after attending orientation for an art school in New York, she decided against it.

Why are people obsessed with Maddy from Euphoria?

Despite being a deeply flawed character, most people love Maddie from Euphoria. The reasons why are so many: how she dresses, how she carries herself, her makeup, her attitude; everything about the character makes you kinda want to be her. There’s no denying that she is a multi-dimensional character.

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Is Nate in Euphoria a psychopath?

Unlike other TV jocks, Nate’s power trips come with layers of unresolved trauma. His calculating nature also sets him apart from the average ‘roidy football player. He’s not just aggressive; he’s psychopathic. The first episode showed Nate flipping out in a fit of anger after seeing his ex-girlfriend with another man.

Who auditioned for Maddy in Euphoria?

Alexa Demie, who plays the glamorous Maddy Perez on Euphoria, is among the running for the role, as is actress Sydney Sweeney who plays Cassie Howard on the Emmy-winning HBO show.

Does Rue have bipolar disorder?

Sex. Drugs. Anxiety. Social media. Addiction. Parties. Violence. Overdose. Teenagers. These are some of the many themes present in HBO’s new series, “Euphoria,” which has stirred much controversy since the pilot episode aired in June 2019. Many critics feel that “Euphoria” is too raw, too graphic, and too provoking for a young audience.

At the same time, the show is almost meant to be this way: an honest, raw, and thought-provoking depiction of teens’ experiences today – with drugs and alcohol, with mental health struggles, with the pressures of social media, with relationships, and simply with figuring out who they are and where they “belong.” But do the creators of “Euphoria” get it right? In many aspects, they do.

According to the show’s creator, Sam Levinson, the scenes and events that happen in “Euphoria” are based off of his own experiences as a teen. Now 34-years-old, Levinson struggled with substance addiction and depression during his younger years. He “got clean” at the age of 19, and has stayed sober since.

  • He explains to Page Six, “It wasn’t easy.
  • It’s still not easy.” Teen Drug Abuse, Addiction, and Mental Health in “Euphoria” We meet Rue – the main character of “Euphoria,” played by Zendaya – in the pilot episode, fresh out of rehab the summer before her Junior year in high school.
  • Right away, we learn that she has struggled with mental illness throughout her childhood, and was constantly medicated as a child to alleviate the symptoms.

It is alluded to that she suffers from bipolar disorder, anxiety, as well as OCD. As viewers, we hear Rue’s thoughts, we watch as she cannot fully escape them, and we break a little inside as she uses drugs (and continues to use them) as an escape. We break even further when she overdoses on drugs, and requires Narcan to stay alive.

  • For as long as Rue can remember, she has suffered from mental turmoil, emotional chaos, and has used some combination of substances to cope.
  • When she was a young adolescent (maybe 13 years old), her father fell ill with cancer and she began experimenting with his opioid medication.
  • The trauma of father passing, combined with her already-fragile mental state, created the perfect storm for her later drug abuse, addiction, and overdose as a teen.

Rue’s struggles with mental health and addiction are not uncommon. Her propensity to self-medicate with dangerous drugs – specifically painkillers – is not at all far-fetched. This is a reality that many young addicts face today, and as a result, something that many people battling a substance use disorder can relate to.

  • According to the National Institute of Mental Health, approximately 8 million U.S.
  • Adults today are battling co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders.
  • Levinson’s goal with Rue’s character was to create more awareness and empathy around tough topics like substance addiction and mental health.

As a former addict himself, he felt it was important to show the relief that drugs can bring to someone who suffers from anxiety or depression — as well as the pain and grief that they can create. He says to AP News, “Portraying in an honest way is the best way to create empathy for addicts and their families, because I believe empathy is the only way that we can communicate.” “I promise you.

If I could be a different person, I would. Not because I want it, but because they do.” – Rue, pilot episode The pain that comes with drug abuse, and the constant need to continue using drugs despite that pain, is portrayed very accurately in “Euphoria.” Drug addiction is a disease of the brain. It takes over a person’s ability to make rational decisions, to control impulse, and to think about long-term consequences.

It changes the brain’s chemical make-up, particularly in adolescents whose brains are still developing. Already, many teenagers will do what they can to feel good, to feel better, or to fit in, without thinking so much about the negative consequences that might occur.

  • Many live in the moment, which is why so many teenagers are using drugs today.
  • However, it is important to call out that teen drug use has declined in recent years.
  • The National Institute on Drug Abuse reports that, over the past five years, illicit teen drug use (with the exception of marijuana) has decreased 30 percent for high school seniors.

These are the lowest illegal drug use levels in the past 20 years. Alcohol use is also at a low among tens. Under 10 percent of 12-to-17-year-olds have reported drinking alcohol in the past month, according to the CDC. With these statistics in mind, “Euphoria” may be less relevant to Gen Z, which is a common concern among critics.

  1. Rather than increasing awareness about dangerous drug abuse and sexual activity, many are concerned that “Euphoria” will give Gen Z the notion it is okay to drink and use drugs, to have sex, and to be violent in relationships.
  2. These scenes may suggest to today’s adolescents that drugs, violence, and alcohol are also okay outlets to cope with anxiety, depression, and the other issues teens face.

At the same time, by highlighting these difficult issues, “Euphoria” encourages conversations among teens and adults. Former movie executive Yalda T. Uhls, who studies how media affects the behavior of adolescents, says that she’s watched episodes with her 19-year-old daughter and that the show has promoted very important conversations between them, that would not have happened otherwise.

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Prior to the first season’s premiere, Zendaya tweeted a warning, noting that “Euphoria” was designed for mature audiences: “It’s a raw and honest portrait of addiction, anxiety and the difficulties of navigating life today.” “Euphoria” also handles the subject of mental health with sincerity – not only the connection between mental health and addiction, but also the link between social media and mental health among teens today.

We know that in modern day, social media has become the norm.95 percent of teenagers have access to a smartphone today, and nearly half say they use the internet “almost constantly.” They have Instagram, Snapchat, and other apps to communicate and scroll through on the day-to-day.

Frankly, many young people (and adults) are addicted to their smartphones, and it can have a very negative impact on their mental health. One of the most common reasons teens use drugs is because they feel a social pressure or the need to fit in. They want to be more popular, skinnier, or look and act like the models they see on their Instagram feeds.

Dr. Barbara Nosal told INSIDER that she’s noticed teens are especially stressed, anxious, and depressed these days, and believes social media is the cause. Social media allows teens to more easily compare themselves to others whose lives are seemingly perfect.

  1. She explains, “Peer rejection, bullying, and self-esteem are linked into social media and teens are equating their worth to ‘How many likes or friends do I have?'” Teen suicide rates support this notion, even as substance use among teens has decreased.
  2. In children’s hospitals across the United States, hospitalizations for suicidal thoughts and attempts doubled from 2008 to 2015, according to a May 2018 study,

Social pressure. Pressure to use drugs. Pressure to look or act a certain way. Pressure to grow up fast. These are all real issues that teens are facing today. Though they may not occur to the extent they do in “Euphoria,” the experiences of adolescents have changed and all this increased pressure has contributed to increased depression and decreased self-esteem in teens.

Mental health and drug abuse are difficult realities that our youth are facing today. If you or a loved one is in need of help, for drug addiction or a substance use disorder, know that there is help available. On the HBO website, “Euphoria” fans can find several resources for addiction and mental health support, including a crisis text line and links to support groups, health clinics, and suicide prevention organizations.

You can also reach out to specialized teen treatment center, like Turnbridge, for guidance and support. Turnbridge is an adolescent and young adult treatment center in Connecticut, helping young people overcome substance addiction and co-occurring mental disorders.

Did McKay get assaulted?

In one harrowing episode toward the end of the season, McKay is sexually assaulted by his fraternity brothers, which also complicates his connection with Cassie.

Did Alexa Demie lie about her age on Euphoria?

As her ‘real’ age comes into question, Alexa Demie becomes a meme

  • Alexa Demie, whose work as Maddy Perez on “Euphoria” made her into a star, has been accused of lying about her age, but the resulting memes are what has everyone talking.
  • a list of alumni from her high school claiming she graduated in 2008, which would make her 29 or 30 — not 25, as she had,
  • A viral tweet with older photos of Demie standing alongside the elder Kardashian sisters, Sky Ferreira, Grimes and Azealia Banks further called into question how old she actually is.

“Why the streets saying Alexa Demie is pushing 30. i thought this girl was 22 or 23 years old.” one, “ALEXA DEMIE IS 29-????/2)267)2):: Y’ALL MUST BE LYING,” Of course, these are just allegations. It’s possible the high school website is incorrect or misleading, and the photos don’t really provide any additional information.

  1. Some fans defended the actress by saying her age really does not matter.
  2. “This Alexa Demie conspiracy theory is showing how normalized ageism is for some of y’all,” one,
  3. “Alexa Demie might be lying about her age, she might be a time traveler, a vampire even, but the one thing I know for sure about her: she’s hot,”,
  4. So there you have it.
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: As her ‘real’ age comes into question, Alexa Demie becomes a meme

How old is Alexa Demie?

A viral internet conspiracy theory regarding Alexa Demie ‘s age has sparked a slew of memes joking about her perceived immortality. This past weekend, the Euphoria star’s age — which was previously reported to be 24 — was called into question after online sleuths uncovered a list of alumni from her high school.

Did Alexa Demie lie about high school?

Alexa Demie Is A True Cali Girl – Alexa Demie was born with the real name Alexa Demie Wilson Vanerstrom in the year 1990 in Los Angeles, California. Her birthday falls on the 11th of December. By the time she turned 8, she was predominantly raised by her mother, Rose Mendez, a makeup artist from Michoacán, Mexico.

Was Alexa Demie lying about her age in ‘ATM Jam’?

Alexa Demie in a 2013 music video for Azealia Banks’ ‘ATM JAM.’ The video was later cited as proof that she was lying about her age. (Photo via YouTube)

Is Alexa Demie really a highschooler?

Is Alexa Demie Really A Highschooler? – Alexa Demie is not a high schooler in real life because she is currently in her late 20. The 29-year-old actress gained media attention for her age after rumored about lying about her real age. Recently, the news of Alexa’s age cropped up after some people found out a list of alumni from her high school where she was claimed to have graduated high school in 2008, making her age 29-30.

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Seemingly, some others had tweeted a picture of Alexa standing alongside the elder Kardashian sisters, Sky Ferreira, Grimes, and Azealia Banks questioning her actual real age. Moreover, Azealia Banks replied to one of the tweets to @_care_bear_666, saying, “30 is the new 20.” Alexa not only became the talk of the town, but people were also quick to come up with humorous memes targeting Alexa.

Her idea of lying age also brought up larger questions about ageism in Hollywood. Many other celebrities also shared upsetting stories about how they were treated because of their age. In the case of women, they go by the younger, the better. So, some people lie about their age to book roles.

Is Alexa Demie’s face too young?

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If you would like to change your settings or withdraw consent at any time, the link to do so is in our privacy policy accessible from our home page. In human history, physical appearance has not been a subject like it has become these days. Alexa Demie, who is in her late 20s, has the face of a young girl in her early/mid-20s.

Is Alexa Demie lying about her age on’Euphoria’?

Actress Alexa Demie, best known for her role as Maddy Perez on the hit HBO show Euphoria, has been accused of lying about her age. In 2019, multiple features pinned her age as 24, but questions about Demie’s age have recently cropped up after a number of seemingly dated images of her with celebrities such as Azealia Banks, Khloé and Kim Kardashian surfaced on social media,

  • When fans asked Banks — whose 2013 music video for “ATM JAM” Demie appeared in — about the situation, Banks allegedly replied by saying, “30 is the new 20.” A July Twitter thread offered “proof” about Demie’s age, including a list of the class of 2008 from Demie’s high school.
  • Now, some are saying she is actually 29 or 30 years old.

Most people have shown Demie support, but, as of now, the actress has not responded. The situation inspired several memes, and soon enough, people moved on to the next social media incident of the week. The idea that Demie is lying about her age brings up larger questions about ageism in Hollywood.

  1. In a world where anti-aging advertisements targeted at women are constantly evolving, it’s no shock that this phenomenon carries over to the silver screen.
  2. Many actresses have shared upsetting stories about how they’ve been treated because of their age.
  3. For women, in most cases, their perceived youth equates to their value.

The younger, the better. In 2017, Orange Is the New Black ‘s Jamie Denbo shared her experiences with ageism on Twitter. At 43, she auditioned for the role of a wife of a 57-year-old but was told that she was too old. Similarly, 37-year-old Maggie Gyllenhaal was told she was too old to play the love interest of a 55-year-old.

  • In 2015, at TheWrap’s Power Breakfast, Helen Mirren called ageism “fucking outrageous.” It makes sense that some lie about their age in order to book roles.
  • After a certain age, jobs are harder to come by for actresses.
  • Gabrielle Carteris, who starred in Beverly Hills, 90210, was 29 when she played a 16-year-old.

In an interview with People, she said she told producers she was 21 years old so she could get the role. Eventually, her real age came out, but she was still kept on the show. “A producer did say to me, ‘You’re lucky we didn’t know your age when we hired you,'” she said.

In 2011, actress Junie Hoang sued IMDb for $1 million for listing her actual age on her profile. The actress was close to 40 years old, but she was known as 34 in the industry. The court documents said listing her real age “would make it nearly impossible for the up-and-coming actress to get work.” Hoang was backed by the Screen Actors Guild.

She ended up losing the case. It’s almost as if opportunities for actresses slowly start to diminish once they hit the 40-year-old mark. People simply want to have options in their career, and be eligible to play a variety of roles. But if someone is able to accurately portray a character in a story, why can’t they play the part? The fact that someone’s age can determine whether someone can land a job is abysmal.

It’s not a shock that many actresses stay elusive about their age. If the truth slips out, it could cost them a role. Things are getting better. Meryl Streep and Nicole Kidman have helped fund a screenwriting lab for women over the age of 40. Kidman and Viola Davis have both spoken out about age-based discrimination, but there is still a long way to go.

Maybe questions surrounding Alexa Demie’s age would’ve popped up eventually, but either way, a woman’s value or suitability in a job should not be determined by her age, but by her merit.