Why Cant Alexa Connect To Amazon Music?

Why Cant Alexa Connect To Amazon Music
Alexa Says Can’t Reach Amazon Music? – (Easy Fix!) When Alexa says can’t reach Amazon Music, what does it mean? If you encounter this problem, it can be due to a number of reasons. Luckily, we have the solutions for each. The main culprit why has this issue is an unreliable Internet connection.

  1. Your Wi-Fi may have reached its user limit.
  2. The problem could also stem from your Amazon account or a setting in your Alexa app.
  3. To resolve this problem, restart your Alexa speaker.
  4. Unplug your device from the power outlet, then plug it again.
  5. If this does not work, set Prime as your default music provider.

Sometimes, a particular song is unavailable to other providers, causing the issue. To fix the error mentioned earlier and enjoy Amazon music without issues, you first need to know the cause. Follow our lead, and we’ll fix the Alexa can’t play Amazon music problem together.

Why won’t Alexa recognize my Amazon Music playlist?

4. Check Subscription – You need to have an active subscription to either Amazon Prime or Amazon Music Unlimited to play songs with Alexa. If you don’t have an active subscription, Alexa will not play the requested songs. To view your current subscription details, follow these steps: Step 1: Open the Amazon website for your country and log in with your account details. Step 3: You will find all your active subscriptions listed here.

Does Alexa support Amazon Music?

You can access your Amazon Music Library with an Alexa device registered to your Amazon account.

How do I add a device to Amazon Music?

Ayuda – ¿No encuentras lo que buscas? Devices used to play Amazon Music must be authorized to your Amazon account, based on our license agreements with content providers. Go to to manage devices authorized to your account. You can have up to 10 devices authorized to your account.

  1. Each device can only be authorized to one account at a time.
  2. Any device you download music to requires authorization.
  3. You can stream Amazon Music in a browser without authorizing the device.
  4. All mobile and tablet devices require authorization.
  5. If there are 10 devices authorized to your account, you must deauthorize one before authorizing another device.
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You can deauthorize a device and authorize it to another account at any time. : Amazon Music Authorized Device Limits

What devices can Amazon Music connect to?

With Amazon Music Unlimited, you can listen to any song, anytime, anywhere, on all your devices – smartphone, tablet, PC/Mac, Fire TV, and Alexa-enabled devices like Amazon Echo.

How many devices can you use for Amazon Music Unlimited?

Ayuda – ¿No encuentras lo que buscas? Each plan has different streaming limitations. The Amazon Music Unlimited Family Plan allows you to stream up to six devices at the same time. The Amazon Music Unlimited Individual Plan allows you to listen to Amazon Music Unlimited titles on all your devices.

Why is Amazon Music no longer available?

Ayuda – ¿No encuentras lo que buscas? Song or album is grayed out, and cannot be selected or played. Here are some reasons Amazon Music Unlimited titles no longer show as available :

The titles were removed from the Amazon Music Unlimited catalog, Your Amazon Music Unlimited subscription expired or was canceled. Your Amazon Music Unlimited subscription was downgraded to Amazon Music Unlimited Single-Device Plan. You will need to re-download music in Standard Quality for offline playback. You haven’t used the app while connected to a wireless network in the past month. You have recently updated the Amazon Music app and need to re-download your music. All your offline music will be re-downloaded in one go when you select the Download option. If you do not have a Wi-Fi connection currently, you can select the option to download when Wi-Fi is available and the download will be queued.

: Grayed Out Music

Why is my Amazon Music app not working?

Also check your device is running the latest software version, which might interfere with running the Amazon Music app. You can also try clearing the cache of the app. To do this on Android and Amazon Fire tablets, head to the cog icon in the Amazon Music app and select Settings. Find Storage and tap Clear Cache.

Is Amazon Music no longer free with Prime?

Amazon Music provides Prime members with access to 100 million songs ad-free, the largest catalog of ad-free top podcasts, and thousands of playlists and Stations, included with Prime at no additional cost.

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Is Amazon Music linked with Amazon Prime?

What is Amazon Music for Prime Members?

  • Amazon Music provides Prime members with access to 100 million songs ad-free, the largest catalog of ad-free top podcasts, and thousands of playlists and Stations, included with Prime at no additional cost.
  • Prime members can shuffle play any artist, album, or playlist from our expanded music catalog and discover new music based on your likes.
  • Prime members can pick and play songs from a curated selection of All-Access Playlists, on-demand with no skip limits, or download them to listen offline.
  • Offline listening is only available for All-Access Playlists.
  • The improved Prime member benefits for Amazon Music are available on the Amazon Music web player, mobile and desktop app, and Echo* and devices.
  • * All-Access Playlists requested on Echo devices play in shuffle mode.

Note: On Fire TV, you can only listen to music. There are no podcasts available. On Fire Tablet, you do not have a full music catalog or ad-free podcasts availability. Eligible Prime memberships include:

  • Amazon Prime membership
  • 30-day Amazon Prime free trials
  • Amazon Prime Student memberships
  1. For more information on Amazon Prime, go to,
  2. To compare feature support by subscription plan, go to

: What is Amazon Music for Prime Members?

How do I get Alexa to play my playlist?

4. Start listening on your Echo – Credit: Reviewed / Jackson Ruckar The Echo is outfitted with Dolby processing and can fill a room with sound. Now that you’re all set up, it’s time to get groovin’. To listen to the playlist on your Echo, ask Alexa to put it on. If you have Amazon Music, you can say, “Alexa, play my playlist.” If you’re using a streaming service outside of Amazon, you’ll need to be more specific when asking Alexa to put on your preferred playlist.

For example, Apple Music subscribers can say, “Alexa, play my workout playlist on Apple Music,” whereas Spotify users can ask, “Alexa, play my bedtime playlist on Spotify.” You can use Alexa to help you curate special playlists for upcoming holiday parties, birthdays, and other events you’re hosting.

Or, you can make your own music playlists to listen to around the house or when you’re winding down for the evening.

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How do I get Alexa to add to my playlist?

How to create and edit playlists with Alexa – It’s easy. Simply say, “Alexa, create a new playlist” or, you can say something like, “Alexa, create a ‘Road Trip’ playlist” or “Alexa, create a ‘Morning Smoothies’ playlist” or “Alexa, create a ‘Super Sleep’ playlist”.

To add songs to a specific playlist, all you need to do is say “Alexa, add to my playlist”. And then it’ll add it. So, if you wanted to add ‘Sweet Caroline’ by Neil Diamond to your ‘Road Trip’ playlist you’d say “Alexa, add Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond to my Road Trip playlist”, and it will be added.

If you’re listening to a song on Amazon Music, you can even say, “Alexa, add this song to my playlist”. Note: If you prefer to create playlists the manual way, you can always do so through Amazon Music for Web or the Amazon Music apps for desktop, iOS, Android, and Fire tablet,

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How do I access my playlist on Alexa?

How to create a new playlist using your voice – Currently, creating a playlist by voice is only available for Amazon Music Unlimited ($3.99 to $14.99 per month subscription) and Prime Music ( included with Amazon Prime membership ) users. This means if Spotify, Pandora, iHeartRadio, TuneIn, Deezer, Gimme Radio or SiriusXM is your default music streaming service, you won’t be able to add songs to your playlists.

“Alexa, create a new playlist.””Alexa, create an ‘Easy Listening’ playlist.””Alexa, create a ‘Friday Chill’ playlist.””Alexa, create a ‘Workout’ playlist.”

You can begin adding songs to the playlists as songs play. If you hear a song you like, just say, “Alexa, add this song to my playlist,” or “Alexa, add this song to my playlist.” This is a great way to save songs that play on a station that you want to remember.

Why is my Amazon Music not showing up?

To troubleshoot streaming issues: Confirm that your device is connected to Wi-Fi or a mobile network. If using a mobile network, confirm that the Amazon Music app settings allow for Cellular. Force stop and reopen the app.