What Is Akinator On Alexa?

What Is Akinator On Alexa
4. Akinator – Try to stump Alexa with, It’s essentially a form of 20 questions, where you select a character and answer a series of yes-or-no questions and Alexa tries to guess who you’re thinking of. To start a game, say, “Alexa, open Akinator.” The game will immediately start, and you will need to answer each question with a yes or no, Don’t be surprised when you can’t stump Alexa.

How do I get Alexa to guess who I am?

Guess Who I Am Game What Is Akinator On Alexa What Is Akinator On Alexa Guess Who I Am Game Free to Enable Description A new take on an old classic, in Guess Who I Am you meet several characters with different voices, then you get to guess who one of them is. Get it right to move on to the next round, get it wrong and you’re out.

How many characters can you get right in a row? Challenge your friends to see who is the best. This is a fun game for all age ranges, and challenges your memory and listening skills. It is also fun hearing all of the different voices that your Echo can do! Instructions: (1) Open the skill by saying, “Alexa, open Guess Who” (2) Listen to the guests introduce themselves one by one, then at the end one of the guests says “Guess who I am?” (3) Guess the name of the person by saying their name.

If you get stuck, say “Help” for some help. Have fun and try to beat your weekly high score! V.1.0 – Features: This first release of the skill features: * Hear and meet many different characters by name, each with different voices, and remember who they are.

  • Then guess which one asks you their name.
  • Eeps track of how many rounds you make it through in a row.
  • Each round gets harder as a new character is added every time you guess correctly.
  • Lots of different sound effects, phrases, greetings, and guests to meet.
  • Note: All voices are made dynamically by AWS Polly.

Isn’t that cool? Have fun! If you have suggestions, please leave a review with the details and I will make the game better! Customers rule! Supported Languages English (AU), English (CA), English (GB), English (IN), English (US)

Guess Who I Am Game

How do you activate akinator?

How do I play with Akinator? – Akinator’s all-consuming passion is trying to guess characters by asking questions. To play with him, think of a character, real or fictional, keep it well in mind and then click on the menu “play > characters”. Akinator will then proceed to ask you a series of questions that you’ll have to answer as truthfully as possible. After this series of questions, he will tell you what you were thinking of.

How does akinator work?

Gameplay – Before beginning the questionnaire, the players must think of an character, object, or animal. Akinator initiates a series of questions, with “Yes”, “No”, “Probably”, “Probably not” and “Don’t know” as possible answers, to narrow down the potential item.

How much does akinator cost?

What is Akinator VIP? – Akinator VIP is a paid gaming app that is similar to 20 questions and is the premium version of the Akinator the Genie app. This app can be downloaded from the App Store and the Google Play Store for both iOS and Android devices.

  • Akinator VIP costs $1.99 offers additional in-app purchases.
  • It is rated for users 12 years of age and older,
  • The object of the game is for players to challenge the genie to guess of a fictional or real character that they are thinking of.
  • The genie does so by asking questions until he finally makes a guess.

As in the free version, the genie can almost always read your mind, unless the character or person is very obscure. Each day there are new challenges for players to keep the game fresh and new. In-app purchases range in price from $0.99 to $9.99 for credits and geniz.

Geniz are the form of in-app currency and act just the same as a coins. With each new game, players are awarded coins to use in the game and less popular characters are awarded more points. These points can be used for more complicated guess and for customizing the game, genie, and backgrounds. Some common user complaints mention that the game is slow to load and doesn’t always work as advertised.

Some also mention that even though this is a paid app, they still need to pay additional money to use the game to it’s fullest.

How does Akinator know what questions to ask?

It has a database of questions that are linked with the previous answers you provide. It then narrows the questions and answers down to a probable selection of outcomes as you proceed through the questions.

Can Akinator guess who you are?

Also challenge the genie on 3 additional themes besides characters: Movies, Objects and Animals! Will you find his weaknesses and make him fail? Akinator can read your mind and tell you what character you are thinking of, just by asking a few questions.

  1. Think of a real or fictional character and Akinator will try to guess who it is.
  2. Will you dare challenge the genie? And what about other themes like movies, animals? ###NEW### EXTEND YOUR AKINATOR EXPERIENCE WITH A USER ACCOUNT! Akinator lets you to create your own user account.
  3. It will record the Aki Awards you’ve won, the accessories you’ve unlocked and your Genizs’ balance.

They will follow you everywhere now, even if you change your mobile device.2 ADDITIONAL THEMES BESIDES THE CHARACTERS Akinator is getting stronger and stronger. The genie has increased his knowledge, and now you have the opportunity to also challenge him on movies and animals! Will you manage to defeat Akinator? GO IN SEARCH FOR AKI AWARDS Akinator invites you to think outside the box.

As you know, he likes to guess characters and to take on difficult challenges. To do that, make him guess forgotten characters who have not been played for a very long time and you may win the best Aki Awards. BE THE BEST PLAYER Challenge the other players on the leaderboards to prove who the best is.

You may write your name on the Last Super Awards board or on the Hall of Fame. KEEP ON GUESSING Each day, try to find the 5 mysterious characters and win some additional and specific Aki Awards. Complete the full Daily Challenge and earn the Gold Daily Challenge Aki Award, one of the most prestigious Aki Awards.

  1. UNLEASH YOUR CREATIVITY Using Geniz, you can unlock and play with new backgrounds and customize your genie to your liking.
  2. The genie will turn into a vampire, a cowboy or a disco man.
  3. Unleash your creativity by mixing 12 hats and 13 clothes to create your ideal combination.
  4. PLAY MORE, WITHOUT ANY LIMITS! THE ULTIMATE POTION unlocks all characters and removes all ads from the app, to ensure you get the best gaming experience.

Main features: -1 languages (French, English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Japanese, Arabic, Russian, Italian, Chinese, Turkish, Korean, Hebrew, Polish, Indonesian and Dutch) -Get 2 additional themes: Movies and Animals -Aki Awards Board to get an overview of your collection -Hall of Fame with both current and previous ranking -Last super awards for Black, Platinum and Gold Aki Awards -Daily Challenges Board -Add magic by proposing a photo or some questions -Customize your genie by combining different hats and clothes -The sensitive content filter -Video recording feature in-game – Follow the genie on: -Facebook @officialakinator -Twitter @akinator_team -Instagram @akinatorgenieapp – Genie’s tips: -Akinator requires an Internet connection to use his magic lamp.

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How many questions does the Akinator ask?

Akinator is the web genie; a custom made bot that essentially plays ’20 Questions’ with you and tries to guess what character, real or fictional, past or present, that you’re thinking of. The algorithm they use is an original creation. Maybe you’ve heard of it this silly website, maybe you haven’t.

It was news to me when James Brady of Niners Nation used it to try and guess 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh. So I decided to do the same thing and see if Akinator could guess Saints quarterback Drew Brees, With Drew in mind, I clicked “Play” and took Akinator for a little spin around the block. The way it works is that Akinator will ask questions and eliminate people from its database based on answers given.

A person can answer Yes, No, Don’t Know, Probably and Probably Not, After enough questions, it’s hopefully able to correctly narrow down the database to one character. Will Akinator guess Drew Brees? How many questions will it take? And just what questions will he ask? Let’s see what happens.

Question No.1 – Does your character really exist? Good starting question. Makes sense, as the answer will quickly eliminate a large chunk the database. But do any of us really exist? I can’t prove it or give an answer with absolute certainty. I could really throw off Akinator by answering Probably Not.

But Descartes believed cogito ergo sum so we’ll just go with that and answer. Yes, Question No.2 – Is your character’s gender female? Eliminating half the possibilities. Another smart move. Akinator knows what he’s doing. That’s an easy. No, Question No.3 – Has your character ever been married? Oh, now we’re getting personal.

I see how it is. Drew Brees is definitely a married man. Yes. Question No.4 – Is your character black? Akinator has no problems with racial profiling, we’ve now established that. But it’s another question that will eliminate a lot of potential answers. As far as I know, Drew is not black. No. Question No.5 – Is your character dead? Please, Akinator, I don’t even want to think about it.

Drew is not allowed to die. Never speak of this again you bastard!. No, Question No.6 – Is your character an actor? Certainly not a very good one. Did you see the “Entourage” spot? But Akinator probably wants to know if Drew is an actor by profession so I said.

No, Question No.7 – Is your character a singer, or does he work with a singer (as a songwriter, producer, musician.)? Tough question. On the one hand, Drew was a member of One Direction, On the other hand, he has absolutely zero musical talent and his singing is physically painful to hear. Sorry, Drew.

I love you but it’s true. I’m gonna go with. No, Question No.8 – Is your character linked with sports? Ding, ding, ding! Now we’re getting somewhere. Akinator is on the scent. Yes, Question No.9 – Does your character currently play in a team? In a team? No.

  • But he plays on a team.
  • The best team EVAR! Soooo. Yes,
  • Question No.10 – Is your character an NFL player? Oh man, Akinator is totally on to us.
  • It’s only a matter of time at this point.
  • Funny how he immediately made the jump to NFL after asking about a team sport.
  • He could have said MLB, NHL, NBA, but he went with NFL.

Akinator knows what’s up. Yes, Question No.11 – Is your character a patriot? Absolutely! Drew loves America and those who serve for our country. Wait a minute! Is Akinator implying that I might be thinking of Tom Brady ? Get over yourself. No, Question No.12 – Does your character have red markings? Yeah, on the right side of his face.

That’s incredible. How the hell did Akinator know that? Something tells me that’s not really what he’s asking. My guess is that he’s referring to team colors and that this is really a poorly worded question. Gotta be. So I’ll say. No, Question No.13 – Did your character found a religious movement? Some Saints fans have described the euphoria felt when the team won Super Bowl XLIV as a religious experience and Drew was definitely the leader.

Must be thinking of Tebow though, No, Question No.14 – Is your character linked with the colour blue? Only when it comes to those beautiful eyes of his. But again, I think Akinator is really asking about team colors so I’m going to say. No, Question No.15 – Is your character Australian? Awww crap, did I answer the earlier “patriot” question wrong? I really don’t understand this question.

This eliminates, like, one guy. There are a lot of other better questions to be asking here. No, Question No.16 – Has your character ever played on the Packers ? We’re obviously back on track after that stupid Australian question. I hope Akinator ‘s not just planning on going team by team now cause that could take a while.

No, Question No.17 – Is your character affiliated with Atlanta? Oh no you didn’t. No, Question No.18 – Does your character have a funny haircut? I just said he wasn’t Australian or affiliated with Atlanta! Seriously, though, who the hell do you think Akinator has in his database under “Non-black NFL player with funny haircut?” Makes you wonder.

  1. No, Question No.19 – Is your character linked with the color gold? Yes! Yes! A hundred times, yes! Well, more like old gold but we’re starting to get warmer. Yes,
  2. Question No.20 – Does your character have a defined chin? Dammit, Akinator, stop trying to make this about Brady! I am NOT thinking of Tom Brady! No,

Question No.21 – Is your character ever the source of online drama? Only, like, every single time someone mentions Drew is in decline. Still, I answered. No, Question No.22 – Does your character have a long name? Long by whose standards? Kind of a weird question but I think we can all agree Drew Brees is relatively short.

  • No, Question No.23 – Is your character linked with the color red? Awww crap, did I answer the earlier “red markings” question wrong? Was Akinator actually referring to Drew’s birthmark? Well, guess I better be consistent at this point. No,
  • Question No.24 – Is your character a quarterback? Call me crazy but it seems like this question should have been asked a long time ago, like after the NFL question but before the religious movement or funny haircut questions.

Akinator has got to be getting close at this point. Yes, And then.BOOM!.Akinator makes his guess and nails it! What Is Akinator On Alexa Looks like Drew Brees was just too easy for the Akinator, Took a while, and he asked some weird questions, but he got it.

Is Akinator a good game?

Akinator is an astounding product, which is around since 2009 already. It has gained prominence on the mobile app and web browser platform, and has been adopted relatively early (October 2017) for Alexa. A particular achievement for this game is that it holds the implicit invocation ‘Alexa, read my mind!’. Let’s take a look at this genie’s voice magic! I can read your mind! Think of a character, I will try to guess it. Are you ready? For those that haven’t had their thoughts read yet: What is Akinator about? The mobile version of Akinator Akinator is the name of a genie that tries to guess which character the user is thinking about. It does so by narrowing down the possible candidates through a series of yes-no (‘polar’) questions in the style of ‘ 20 questions ‘.

The success rate of Akinator is impressively high, at least in my samples. When it has enough information, it makes a first guess of the character, and if it doesn’t succeed, it asks some more questions before making another attempt. In my case, it guessed ‘Scar’ from Lion King and Aristotle right away, and Helmut Kohl at the second attempt.

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For the sake of scientific inquiry, I gave Akinator randomly generated answers, and after guessing that I was thinking about Ludwig van Beethoven, Felix Mendelsohn, or Johannes Brahms, it asked some confused questions about my character’s hairstyle and origin and finally settled on ‘someone who is inappropriate for young audiences’.

Even though Akinator seems to be omniscient, he is forgiving of our patchy knowledge, and accepts answers like ‘I don’t know’ and ‘maybe’. Alright, let’s continue this ‘scientific inquiry’. What’s your analysis of this game’s engagement? What makes this game engaging is mainly the fact that you have to think about the right answers on Akinator’s questions, and the suspense of whether he finds out about your clever choice.

Apart from that, there are some engagement-related aspects where ‘Akinator’ is good, but not great. Let’s take a closer look at these:

Alexa voice (← It’s linked to a glossary page!) This is something that irritates me deeply: Why should Akinator, the distinctly oriental-looking male genie depicted above, speak in Alexa’s US-American voice? I admit, it requires some creativity to come up with an alternative, but what about something like this ?

Repetition Akinator repeats every choice the user makes, with very little variation, as shown in the example on the left. While it makes to give a little confirmation, the monotony of the response is irritating (even though it occasionally uses a variation like ‘ No. Well, well ‘). A better alternative could have been to give an enthusiastic confirmation for a ‘yes’ answer (‘Great!’), a neutral confirmation for a ‘no’ answer (‘I see’) and something like ‘No problem!’ if the user doesn’t know. Lack of a tutorial The biggest and very obvious part of the user’s interaction is to answer with yes and no, but the game misses to educate the user about other options. You can guess (correctly) that you can answer with ‘I don’t know!’ or ‘Maybe’, but how would you know that you can also answer with ‘Probably not’, but not with ‘Go back’?

And what about retention factors? As I said before, Akinator’s guessing abilities are really impressive, and some retention potential stems from the fact alone that you can think of a more obscure character and want to see if Akinator gets it. Or you might want to impress friends and family.

Providing metrics Some metrics that a user might be interested in are questions it took to guess the character, number of correct guesses (at first, second and third attempt), knowledge about characters (percentage of questions you answered with yes or no), and times played Leaderboard For one of the above-mentioned metrics, or a composite score determined thereof, there could be a global ranking Badges There could be badges for tiers of the metrics, or maybe for usage patterns like daily streaks.

The mobile app is ahead in this regard: It tells you how often your character was chosen in total, and has an ‘ Aki Award Board ‘ where you can proudly present your badges. I guess it might have made some sense to offer account linking, so that mobile power users users can improve their score on another medium.

Does Akinator use your information?

Protection of its users’ personal data and privacy is of great importance for Elokence SARL-U (“Elokence”, “we”, “us”, or “our”). To that purpose, Elokence commits to carry out processing of personal data in compliance with applicable data protection laws and regulations in the countries from which its users access and use the Akinator websites (“Site”), including in particular the European General Data Protection Regulation (known as « GDPR »).


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Alexa Skills: Have Alexa Play 20 Questions (\

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Is Akinator age appropriate?

SaferKid™ App Rating: Akinator VIP This is an independent review. We are not affilated with Elokence Bottom Line Akinator the Genie is an entertainment app featuring a cartoon genie who asks questions in order to guess who users are thinking of. It contains some sexual themes, but a child-safe mode can be toggled on or off via the game’s main menu.

Since this app contains mature themes that some parents would not be comfortable exposing their children to, parents should be aware if any child under 13 is using this app. Talking to Your Children Age ratings may not reflect what you as a parent think is appropriate for your child. It is important to know what your child is exposed to via this app and to talk to them about the mature themes they may encounter.

Visit our Parent’s Guide section for advice about how to approach discussing mature topics with your child.

App store descriptionTo see Akinator VIP in iTunes, Related LinksSee our parent’s guides to apps with:

Akinator can read your mind and tell you what character you are thinking of, just by asking a few questions. Think of a real or fictional character and Akinator will try to guess who it is. Will you dare challenge the genie? And what about other themes like movies, animals? ###NEW### EXTEND YOUR AKINATOR EXPERIENCE WITH A USER ACCOUNT! Akinat. : SaferKid™ App Rating: Akinator VIP

Is Alexa jeopardy free?

Games & More J!6 Alexa Play Jeopardy! on any Amazon Alexa-enabled devices! With the Emmy®-nominated Jeopardy! skill, play the “extra” clue of the six Round 1 categories from the day’s broadcast FOR FREE. Using only your voice, you can respond just like the contestants on the show! If that’s not enough, subscribe through the Alexa skill and get the Double Jeopardy! round that delivers 6 more clues every weekday AND 12 clues of Sports and Teen Jeopardy! every weekend! Ask Alexa to “Open Jeopardy!” to get started.