What Does Alexa Rank Mean?

What Does Alexa Rank Mean
What is Alexa Rank? – Alexa rank is a global website popularity ranking created by Alexa Internet company, which is a subsidiary of Amazon, Alexa uses web traffic data to make an ordered list of the most popular sites on the Internet. Alexa rank lets you know how popular your site is compared to all other sites. There are tens of millions of sites ranked by Alexa. The most popular site has #1 rank, and the least popular site is ranked somewhere around 30 million. Also, there are sites without assigned rank because of insufficient data. The number of visitors to a site versus the rank Source: alexa.com

What is Alexa rank used for?

What is Alexa Rank? – Alexa rank is a global website popularity ranking created by Alexa Internet company, which is a subsidiary of Amazon, Alexa uses web traffic data to make an ordered list of the most popular sites on the Internet. Alexa rank lets you know how popular your site is compared to all other sites. There are tens of millions of sites ranked by Alexa. The most popular site has #1 rank, and the least popular site is ranked somewhere around 30 million. Also, there are sites without assigned rank because of insufficient data. The number of visitors to a site versus the rank Source: alexa.com

Is Alexa Ranking free?

Alexa Rank Checker – Check Alexa Website Ranking OR Traffic Rank Alexa analytics is a free online tool that allows users to check the current position of a website on the Alexa ranking system. The tool is developed by specialized web engineers who profoundly understand the ins and outs of web analytics and it is thus built to be distinctively reliable.

  • Global Rank: The rank of the website that is being analyzed relative to all other websites in the world.
  • Reach: How many different people visit the website (as estimated by Alexa based on the number of Alexa Toolbar users they are able to track).
  • Country: The country with the highest percentage of visitors.
  • Country Rank: The rank of the website in that country.
  • Change: How the ranking of the site has either deteriorated or improved.

How accurate is Alexa voice recognition?

Google’s voice assistant more accurate than Alexa, Siri for medication info, study suggests Google’s voice assistant is better than Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri at understanding medication names when asked by users, but Alexa and Siri are closing the gap, according to a May 19 study published in The study is a follow-up to a 2019 study in which Google also ranked first place.

The original study used recordings of 46 participants asking for information about the 50 most dispensed drugs in the U.S. The same 46 voice recordings in the 2019 study were tested against Google’s voice assistant, Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri. Google voice assistant was accurate 86 percent of the time when discussing medication brand names and 84.3 percent of the time with generic medication. This suggests the software has achieved peak accuracy and the small percentage of issues it encountered could be human error. Siri came in second place again, reporting 78.4 percent in brand-name accuracy and 75 percent in generic accuracy. This is up from 2019, with 58.5 percent and 51.2 percent respectively. Alexa ranked third again, with 64.2 percent accuracy in brand names and 66.7 percent accuracy in generic names. This is up from 2019, with 54.6 percent and 45.5 percent, respectively. There were few differences in accuracy based on a person’s accent in the 2021 study. In the previous study, Siri and Alexa were 8-11 percent less accurate if the voice recording had a foreign accent.

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: Google’s voice assistant more accurate than Alexa, Siri for medication info, study suggests

What is rank function used for?

Returns the rank of a number in a list of numbers. The rank of a number is its size relative to other values in a list. (If you were to sort the list, the rank of the number would be its position.)

Can you make money on Alexa?

With Alexa Developer Rewards, developers around the world can earn money for eligible skills that drive some of the highest customer engagement. Learn how to build engaging skills and get rewarded.

Is Alexa being shut down?

The headlines for Alexa have been dire of late, with word of massive layoffs in Amazon’s Alexa division and chatter that the Alexa group is hemorrhaging cash, In another development from earlier this year, Amazon shuttered Alexa.com, with Amazon saying prior to the shutdown that it was a “difficult” decision.

So what does that mean for Alexa? Well, no matter the financial tribulations that Alexa appears to be facing, the truth is that Alexa.com the website had nothing to do with Alexa the voice assistant. Founded back in 1996, just a few years after the birth of the World Wide Web, Alexa Internet was a service that tracked and compared the traffic of websites, gathering browsing data from the Alexa Toolbar (subsequently replaced by browser extensions) as well as sites that had installed the Alexa script on their pages.

Amazon snapped up Alexa Internet and the Alexa.com domain back in 1999, a full 15 years before Alexa the voice assistant made her first appearance. Back in the day, a site’s Alexa traffic ranking was a big deal. Not only could website owners stack their properties up against competitors, they could also raise their advertising rates if their rankings were high enough.

  • The Alexa Toolbar was also a popular helper app for browsers that, among other tools, included a then-novel popup blocker.
  • But times change, and Alexa Internet eventually found itself in an increasingly competitive field.
  • While there were once plenty of loyal Alexa.com users around, Amazon clearly felt that the cost of keeping the site operational was no longer worth the expense.

The e-commerce giant announced its intention to close down Alexa.com in December 2021, and the service finally went dark on May 1, 2022. So yes, Amazon owns both Alexa the Internet site and, you know, Alexa, but the two entities are otherwise unrelated, and Amazon’s decision to shut down Alexa.com had nothing to do with Alexa’s current predicament.

If you do want to visit Alexa (the digital assistant) on the web, you can still go to alexa.amazon.com, On that webpage, you can perform many of the Alexa-related functions that appear on the Alexa app, including adjusting Alexa preferences, setting alarms and reminders, managing skills and connected smart home devices, and more.

Updated on November 23, 2022 with recent news developments.

Who owns Alexa rank?

Alexa Internet, Inc.

Alexa homepage after May 1, 2022
Type of business Internet
Type of site Web traffic and ranking
Available in English
Headquarters San Francisco, California, United States
Owner Amazon
Created by Brewster Kahle, Bruce Gilliat
President Andrew Ramm
Key people Andrew Ramm (president and GM) Dave Sherfese (vice president)
Industry Web traffic
Products Alexa Web Search (discontinued 2008) Alexa toolbar
URL alexa,com
Registration Optional
Launched April 1, 1996 ; 26 years ago
Current status Discontinued (as of October 30, 2022 ; 51 days ago )

Alexa Internet, Inc. was an American web traffic analysis company based in San Francisco, It was a wholly-owned subsidiary of Amazon, Alexa was founded as an independent company in 1996 and acquired by Amazon in 1999 for $250 million in stock. Alexa provided web traffic data, global rankings, and other information on over 30 million websites.

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Alexa estimated website traffic based on a sample of millions of Internet users using browser extensions, as well as from sites that had chosen to install an Alexa script. As of 2020, its website was visited by over 400 million people every month. In December 2021, Amazon announced that it would be shutting down its Alexa Internet subsidiary.

The service was then discontinued on May 1, 2022.

How long does it take to rank on page 1?

According to seo.co, it can take anywhere from three to six months to rank on the first page of Google, assuming that you’re writing good content and optimizing your website for search engines. If there’s high competition or you haven’t optimized your website, it may take six to 12 months to see results.

How do I rank my first page gig?

4. Attractive descriptions and tags – One of the basic tips to rank your gig on the first page of a Fiverr is to create good descriptions and tags and perfectly described services in the description window. In this way, your gig can be in the top-ranked gigs even if you are a new seller.

  1. If you go through the top-ranked gigs on Fiverr you will find that the top-ranked gigs must have nicely described taglines and services in a bulleted manner, perfect grammar sentences and easily understandable vocabulary.
  2. After creating a gig on fiver share it with others.it takes time to be top-ranked on fiver as people will search the keywords and those keywords are already present in your tags your gig will come in ranking because of the presence of the keywords in your description and tags.

Never stop sharing your gig with others and keep promoting it and due to the keywords in your tags your gig will start getting rankings and ratings. In this way, you can create your own gig and make it ranked in top gigs by just following other top-ranked gigs without producing anything new or extra.

Is Amazon Alexa a weak AL?

Weak AI, otherwise referred to as narrow artificial intelligence, describes the algorithms that can complete a set of finite functions. Currently, this is the only artificial intelligence that exists. The algorithms classify data and then make decisions or act based on how they were told to interpret that date. Here are eight practical examples. When the term artificial intelligence (AI) is used today, in most cases, it refers to weak AI. Also known as narrow AI, this is the only AI that exists today. Although weak AI can solve complex problems and often complete tasks more efficiently than humans, its functionality is limited to its programming.

Even with a name that suggests limitation, weak AI infiltrates many aspects of our work, personal lives, and entertainment. Here is a bit more about weak AI and eight practical examples of it. What is Weak (Narrow) AI? Algorithms that power weak AI model human intelligence and work to accomplish specific tasks rather than possess full cognitive abilities like the human brain.

Ultimately, the algorithms are trained to classify data based on how they were trained. There is no veering off the programmed path; narrow AI is programmed to operate within a set of pre-defined functions. For example, machines created to pick items in a warehouse aren’t able to flip burgers in a restaurant without human intervention to change the programming.

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Narrow AI models intelligent behavior for specific tasks.8 Practical Examples of Weak/Narrow AI Just about any AI that you can think of that is used today—not representations from the movie screen or from pages of sci-fi novels that show robots taking over the world, though—are examples of narrow AI.

Here are eight practical examples:

Digital voice assistants (Siri, Alexa)

Often referred to as the best examples of weak AI, digital voice assistants such as Siri and Alexa are examples of weak AI that we rely on every day. To work effectively, the AI classifies data and responds to queries incredibly fast.

Recommendation engines

Whether Netflix is telling you what movie you should watch next or Amazon or other retail websites offer you helpful advice about what you else you might be interested in purchasing, these recommendation engines are examples of narrow AI.

Search engines

Google and other search engines are also examples of weak AI. When you type in your question, the algorithm gets to work to run that question through its vast database to classify it and come back with answers.


If you’ve ever talked on chat with an organization, whether it’s your financial institution, internet service provider, or favorite e-commerce store, you were likely talking to AI. Most of the time, chat features are an AI algorithm that takes care of answering common questions to free the humans who used to do this work to complete higher-level tasks.

Autonomous vehicles

AI that allows vehicles to operate without a human driver is weak AI. The algorithms complete programmed functions. The challenge, since this AI doesn’t possess full cognitive abilities like a human brain, is to program and train the AI regarding any potential road hazard or situation the vehicle might encounter.

Image and speech recognition

A critical way narrow AI is making an impact in healthcare is through image recognition by helping radiologists detect disease in scans of patients. Weak AI is behind image recognition in other industries as well. It’s also in play with speech recognition and translation services like Google Translate.

Predictive maintenance and analytics

Narrow AI is used in predictive analytics. It uses data, algorithms, and machine learning to examine historical data to construct a prediction of a likely outcome in the future. In warehouses and other places where heavy machinery is in use, AI helps identify maintenance issues that need to be addressed before a machine failure.


Currently, robots don’t have a mind of their own. Drones and manufacturing robots operate with narrow AI and are able to complete a finite set of actions they were programmed to do. Delivery bots were quite useful to comply with social distancing orders and as disinfecting robots during the pandemic.

Narrow artificial intelligence is the technology that exists today, and you experience in daily life. The algorithms that power narrow artificial intelligence allow machines to act, process data, and make decisions based on programming. This is not AI with a mind of its own. Weak or narrow AI, despite the implication by its name that it’s not powerful, is actually responsible for many amazing activities.

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