What Does Alexa Mean In The Urban Dictionary?

What Does Alexa Mean In The Urban Dictionary
What does the name Alex mean in Urban Dictionary? – September 4, 2018 Urban Dictionary. an ancient Cuban title meaning,”alex associated with the sunlight”. Typically is a name givin towards the contradictive albino new born. How many syllables does the name Alexa have? Alexa is generally used as a girl’s name.

What does Alexa mean in the Dictionary?


Gender Female
Language(s) Greek
Meaning defender of human
Other names
See also Alexander Alexandra Alexis Alexia Alex Alexa

Alexa is a female form of Alex, It is variously a given name in its own right or a short form of Alexandra, both of which come from the Greek name Alexandros. It can be broken down into alexo meaning “to defend” and ander meaning “man”, making both Alexa and Alexandra mean “defender of man”. The similarly-spelled name Aleksa is a South Slavic masculine name.

What is the meaning in Urban Dictionary?

Urban Dictionary, as you may know, is a crowdsourced website where anyone can suggest a new word—or a new definition of a word—years before establishment lexicographers catch on. It was founded in 1999 by computer science student Aaron Peckham to make fun of the comparatively staid Dictionary.com.

Yet Urban Dictionary has become much more than a parody site, drawing approximately 65 million visitors every month. Of course, Urban Dictionary is also a repository of adolescent grossout humor, often humor about sexual practices that are the stuff of urban legends (uh, penis McFlurry ?). This isn’t just a matter of trifling but ultimately harmless terms.

Bigoted words and definitions have thrived on the site, but Peckham believes that offensive words should be left intact. It’s clear from a quick browse through the trending terms that the users are particularly titillated by (or nervous about) women’s bodies (e.g., twatopotamus ) and sex between men (e.g., vaginal intolerant ).

With its crowdsourced definitions and high speed of coinage, Urban Dictionary is very much a product of the internet age. But it also continues a long history of recording low-brow language: dictionaries of English slang have been around in some form for centuries. The slang dictionaries of the seventeenth century were considered useful for clueing readers into the language of thieves and cheats, which itself was part of an older tradition of exoticizing the language of the poor and criminal,

By 1785, Francis Grose’s Classic Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue extended the slang lexicon beyond the middle-class conception, adding terms such as bum fodder (for toilet paper). Urban Dictionary carries this legacy forward, and the site is likely to persist in some form.

The Library of Congress now archives it. Its pages were saved to the Internet Archive more than 12,500 times between May 25, 2002, and October 4, 2019, with a steady increase over time. And according to internet linguist Gretchen McCulloch’s much-touted new book Because Internet: Understanding the New Rules of Language : ” IBM experimented with adding Urban Dictionary data to its artificial intelligence system Watson, only to scrub it all out again when the computer started swearing at them.” The stakes are increasing as well.

Urban Dictionary is being used to determine the acceptability of vanity plate names in some U.S. states. More serious is the continued tradition of dictionary use in legal cases, where the interpretation of a single word can have grave consequences. Urban Dictionary’s definition of to nut, for instance, has been brought up in a sexual harassment claim, and the meanings of jack were debated in a financial restitution case.

What is Urban Dictionary on Instagram?

Show us your name in Urban Dictionary: Viral trend takes over Instagram – how to find yours? Show us your name in Urban Dictionary | Photo Credit: Instagram

The ‘Show us your name in Urban Dictionary’ trend has gone viral on Instagram

The Urban Dictionary name trend asks people to share the meanings of their names as found on the Urban Dictionary

People are using Instagram’s new “Add Yours” feature to participate in the trend

Have you come across people posting the ‘meanings’ of their names found in the Urban Dictionary? The Instagram trend asks everyone to “Show us your name in Urban Dictionary” using the new “Add Yours” feature. The “Add Yours” sticker that was rolled out earlier this month allows people to share their own photos about the trend to their stories.

Visit Urban Dictionary website. Type your first name in the serach bar and hit enter. You’ll be presented with the definition of your name. If you don’t like it, just scroll down till you come across a meaning that defines you.

Urban Dictionary is a crowdsourced dictionary for slang words and phrases. While most meanings are complimentary and people are sharing them on their Instagram stories, if you come across a rude meaning, you should accept the search result as a joke. The trend has also become popular on Twitter.

Is the Urban Dictionary a real thing?

Urban Dictionary is a crowdsourced online dictionary of slang words and phrases that was founded in 1999 as a parody of Dictionary.com and Vocabulary.com by then-college freshman Aaron Peckham. Some of the definitions on the website can be found as early as 1999, but most early definitions are from 2003.

What is a YEET?

Yeet is a slang word that functions broadly with the meaning “to throw,” but is especially used to emphasize forcefulness and a lack of concern for the thing being thrown. (You don’t yeet something if you’re worried that it might break.) Yeet is also used as an interjection, most often to express excitement or enthusiasm.

  1. Update: This word was added in September 2022.
  2. When a new word starts making the rounds, we don’t just yeet it into the dictionary the first time we encounter it.
  3. Instead, we wait for the word to meet our criteria for entry: sustained, meaningful, widespread use.
  4. We want to see that lots of people, over an extended period of time, are using the word to communicate a particular meaning.
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We’ve been watching yeet for quite a while now, and for much of that time, it seemed to fail mostly on that middle criterion: there was some widespread use, over a period of some years, but was the use meaningful? It seemed that even those shouting it out in the halls of their schools weren’t sure what they meant by it.

What is a D girl Urban Dictionary?

Development girl “D-Girl” redirects here. For other uses, see, A development girl or D-girl is a derogatory slang term for non-influential, entry-level staff members in a company. Responsibilities include finding and identifying story ideas worthy of adaptation into a script and writing for scripts submitted to the production company.

What does O.G. stand for?

OG stands for Original Gangster. OG is an internet slang initialism used to describe an extraordinary person.

What does SMH stand for?

SMH stands for ‘ shaking my head.’

What is YEET in the Urban Dictionary?

What Does Alexa Mean In The Urban Dictionary An Urban Dictionary entry from 2008 defined yeet as an excited exclamation, particularly in sports and sexual contexts. Another defined yeet yeet as an expression of approval, à la That’s what I’m talking about it! Yeet Yeet! Yeet, then, appears to be an organic interjection.

It doesn’t sound too dissimilar, after all, from exclamations like Yes! or Aight ! The term spreads as a dance in black social media culture in February 2014. Several people are credited for the dance, including YouTuber Milik Fullilove, who calls out Yeet! as he does his moves with personal flourishes.

More YouTube yeet demonstrations of yeet followed. A hip-hop song by Quill called “YEET” was released, featuring yeet as a general exclamation akin to the earlier, 2008 definitions we saw. Yeet went viral Vine user Jas Nicole posted a video of a young man, called Lil Meatball, doing the dance, noted for a prominent arm chop, in March 2014 over the hip-hop track. What Does Alexa Mean In The Urban Dictionary Know Your Meme Perhaps because people often say yeet while doing the dance, yeet was further popularized as an interjection all its own to show enthusiasm and approval, e.g., Yes, I got an A on that paper. Yeet! Yeet went viral again in 2016, this time in a video featuring a young woman throwing an empty beverage can into a crowded school hallway while saying Yeet! This video help spread yeet as an exclamation issued when heaving something, often at someone in a playful manner, or when doing something spectacular, as when dunking over someone in basketball.

Young people, apparently, delighted in saying yeet, like one of those things we like to say compulsively over and over again until we wear it out. Gamers took to yeet when making powerful moves. The massively popular, if controversial, YouTuber Logan Paul made a variant, ya yeet, a catchphrase. Yeet seemed to fade again in popular culture again until March 2018, when users of the subreddit r/dankmemes—dedicated to so-called dank memes, which are deliberately odd and obscure—started posting new yeet memes.

They riff on the word yeet in a variety of absurd contexts (perhaps as a commentary on people wearing yeet out), often with images of the face with tears of joy emoji, 😂. What Does Alexa Mean In The Urban Dictionary Know Your Meme Yeet, defined as an “indication of surprise or excitement,” was voted the American Dialect Society’s 2018 Slang/Informal Word of the Year.

What does IG slang stand for?

Whats Does IG Stand For? or ig Published October 19, 2018 IG stands for the social media platform Instagram, It also sometimes short for I guess, What Does Alexa Mean In The Urban Dictionary The verb, for “estimate” or “suppose,” dates back to Middle English. I guess emerges at least by the late 1600s to express moderate or ironic certainty (e.g., I guess I’ll just look it up in the dictionary or The English language, I guess, is just going do whatever it feels like).

  • The eye-rolling, version of I guess is heightened in texting and online in the 1990s–2000s.
  • If a friend asked you if you were attending a party that you weren’t super excited about, you could text back IG, showing or,
  • The massively popular social-media photography and video platform Instagram debuted in 2010, purchased by Facebook in 2012.

Since then, some users refer to it as IG for short, just as they may use FB for its parent company. After all, with everyone being so busy on social media, who has time to type out whole words anymore? A close up of my lewk 😎😎😎 this is one of my FAVES of all time 😍 find me on IG 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽 — Marta (@artedemarta) Twitter do yo thing 😔😔😔😔 maybe?? Pls?? ig not.

  1. Mvnspooder, September, 2018 Instagram is working on a new standalone app dedicated to shopping, The Verge has learned.
  2. The app — which may be called IG Shopping — will let users browse collections of goods from merchants that they follow and purchase them directly within the app.
  3. Casey Newton, The Verge, September, 2018 In its I guess form, the tone of IG can express a lack of confidence or doubt or actual sincerity or irony.

Haven’t posted on this thread in awhile so take this sketch thing ig as an apology for late stream 🙏😔 — Black Knight 🗡🛡 (@oKuuro) The Instagram IG is seen online as a handy acronym for the app, particularly on social-media platforms that aren’t IG,

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Im coming for everything I deserve! Ya fav sweet treat maker, 👩🏾‍🍳🧁💗 follow my IG @sweetsensations216 — Desiraiya🤓 (@_shomar) This is not meant to be a formal definition of IG like most terms we define on Dictionary.com, but is rather an informal word summary that hopefully touches upon the key aspects of the meaning and usage of IG that will help our users expand their word mastery.

: Whats Does IG Stand For?

What is AA slang for?

Twelve & Twelve – A slang term for the book Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions which discusses the Steps and Traditions in detail.

What does pushing P mean on Urban Dictionary?

What Does “Pushing P” Mean? pushin P, pushin 🅿️ Published June 29, 2022 Pushing P (usually styled as pushin P or pushin’ P ) is a slang term that’s most commonly used to roughly mean acting with integrity and style while maintaining and displaying one’s success (similar to the meaning of the slang terms keeping it player and keeping it real ).

The P in the phrase is most often interpreted as standing for the slang word player (often styled as playa ). For example, a person who remains true to themself and their friends while also maintaining great success and wealth (displayed through luxury possessions and lifestyle) would be said to be pushin p,

However, the term is especially known for having a flexible meaning. Other uses and interpretations of the phrase are also positive but may be more specific. The P in pushin P is also sometimes used by itself to refer to such behavior or specific things considered good.

Sometimes, it’s used to refer to specific words that start with P, such as paper (a slang term for money). The phrase was popularized by the 2022 song “pushin P” by rappers Gunna, Future, and Young Thug. The phrase features prominently in the song’s, which use it to mean different things (intentionally leaving such meanings up to interpretation).

On social media, the P in the phrase is often depicted as the P Button emoji 🅿️ (including in posts by Gunna himself). What Does Alexa Mean In The Urban Dictionary The phrase pushin P was popularized by the song “pushin P” from Gunna’s 2022 album DS4EVER, Although the song is a collaboration between Gunna and Future and also features Young Thug, Gunna is primarily credited with popularizing the term. Gunna has said that he didn’t coin the phrase but rather used it after learning it from people he grew up with in Georgia.

Although the exact origin of the phrase pushin P is unknown, musicians from the San Francisco Bay Area of California have claimed it was coined there. Gunna has provided varying answers about the term’s meaning, indicating that the P stands for player but can also stand for other things, such as P words like peace and paper,

Risking your life to feed your family is 🅿️ — WUNNA (@1GunnaGunna) Nowputting your people in position is 🅿️ — WUNNA (@1GunnaGunna) After the release of “pushin P,” the slang term became a popular phrase on social media in early 2022, including as a topic of memes, many of which made jokes based on its vague or flexible meaning.

No women is perfect but all women are 🅿️erfect.Pushin 🅿️ @1GunnaGunna, February 6, 2022 In the video, the three rappers push P as they board private jets, try on jewelry, buy out luxury stores with beautiful women, and drop handfuls of cash at a strip club. Tomás Mier, Rolling Stone, January 2022 The slang term pushin P is usually used positively.

It’s especially known for having a flexible meaning and is strongly associated with Gunna. During its initial spike in popularity in early 2022, the term entered mainstream usage, including use by brand accounts on social media. How long until Popeyes incorporates “pushing P” into a marketing campaign? — Alexis Arnold 📰 (@alexis_a_arnold) “pushin p” is not gangsta.

  • Stop following trends yall wasn’t even saying that a week ago.
  • Teddy Perkins (@RyderIsTrill) there are some really dope ppl in this space.
  • Much love to everybody pushin p & putting on for their community ✊🏽 — BrandYn (@Eman8) This is not meant to be a formal definition of pushing P like most terms we define on Dictionary.com, but is rather an informal word summary that hopefully touches upon the key aspects of the meaning and usage of pushing P that will help our users expand their word mastery.

: What Does “Pushing P” Mean?

What does milkshake mean in urban slang?

milkshake Meaning & Origin Published March 12, 2018 From a 2003 pop song of the same name, milkshake is a slang term for an attribute that makes a woman stand out. giphy The song “Milkshake” by Kelis came out in 2003 and peaked at #3 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart later that year. It’s well-known and best-remembered for the lyrics “My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard.” As Kelis is singing about a woman who is irresistible to men, milkshake is clearly a metaphor or euphemism, though its exact meaning is ambiguous.

  1. People speculated about what it could mean, wondering if it could be a covert way of talking about blowjobs, sensuality and attractiveness in general, or breasts.
  2. Some speculate milkshake refers to oral sex, as Kelis also sings about how she could “teach you” about her superior milkshake.
  3. The components of milkshake, here, may be meant to conjure about the act and effect of fellatio.
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Others suppose milkshake signifies her breasts. Milkshake, after all, has been slang for “breasts” since the 1910s, evoking the anatomy and physiology of the organs. Kelis herself has attempted to put a rest to the confusion as to what milkshake means.

At first, when the song was initially released in 2003, she said that milkshake is something sensual that makes a woman stand out, even suggesting breasts or butt. In 2017, however, Kelis stated that milkshake as a metaphor “means lots of things.” As a metaphor, Kelis’s milkshake likens the special quality that makes a woman attractive like the dessert as a delicious treat.

My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard and I’m like GET OFF MY LAWN YOU FILTHY MEN @luciflemme, January, 2018 MY MILKSHAKE BRINGS ALL THE BEES TO MY CAR I SPILLED ALL OVER MY CAR BEES ARE INSIDE OF MY CAR THEY COULD KILL ME I’M ALLERGIC TO BEES @drewjanda, November, 2015 My work colleague pointed out no boys want my milkshake as I’m single and dateless but that just made me sing even louder to annoy him even further 😘❤️💁 @ChefCruick, December 2017 Milkshake is often used as a reference to the song, especially the famous line: “My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard.” The lyrics may accompany selfies projecting a positive self-image or sex appeal, as the milkshake is “what the guys go crazy for” in the song.

Many people create parodies of the “Milkshake” song by replacing some of its words or by using expectations of its musical cadence or lyrical intent. For example, “My Minecraft server brings all the players to the yard.” Others use the word milkshake itself as the song does: a metaphor for something, usually physical or sexual, uniquely appealing about a person.

This is not meant to be a formal definition of milkshake like most terms we define on Dictionary.com, but is rather an informal word summary that hopefully touches upon the key aspects of the meaning and usage of milkshake that will help our users expand their word mastery.

What is Alexa known for?

For the defunct subsidiary company of Amazon, see Alexa Internet,

Amazon Alexa

Developer(s) Amazon
Initial release November 6, 2014 ; 8 years ago
Operating system Fire OS 5.0 or later, iOS 11.0 or later Android 4.4 or later
Platform Amazon Echo Fire OS iOS Android Linux Windows
Available in English French German Japanese Italian Spanish Portuguese Hindi Arabic
Type Intelligent personal assistant, cloud-based voice service
Website developer,amazon,com /alexa

Amazon Alexa, also known simply as Alexa, is a virtual assistant technology largely based on a Polish speech synthesiser named Ivona, bought by Amazon in 2013. It was first used in the Amazon Echo smart speaker and the Echo Dot, Echo Studio and Amazon Tap speakers developed by Amazon Lab126,

  • It is capable of voice interaction, music playback, making to-do lists, setting alarms, streaming podcasts, playing audiobooks, and providing weather, traffic, sports, and other real-time information, such as news,
  • Alexa can also control several smart devices using itself as a home automation system.

Users are able to extend the Alexa capabilities by installing “skills” (additional functionality developed by third-party vendors, in other settings more commonly called apps ) such as weather programs and audio features. It uses automatic speech recognition, natural language processing, and other forms of weak AI to perform these tasks.

Most devices with Alexa allow users to activate the device using a wake-word (such as Alexa or Amazon ); other devices (such as the Amazon mobile app on iOS or Android and Amazon Dash Wand) require the user to click a button to activate Alexa’s listening mode, although, some phones also allow a user to say a command, such as “Alexa” or “Alexa wake”.

As of November 2018, Amazon had more than 10,000 employees working on Alexa and related products. In January 2019, Amazon’s devices team announced that they had sold over 100 million Alexa-enabled devices. In September 2019, Amazon launched many new devices achieving many records while competing with the world’s smart home industry.

What is Alexa called now?

This article is about the American brand of smart speakers developed by Amazon. For the acoustic phenomenon, see Echo,

Amazon Echo

Developer Amazon
Manufacturer Amazon
Type Smart speaker
Release date November 6, 2014 ; 8 years ago
Operating system Fire OS
Input Voice commands
Website Amazon Echo (US) Amazon Echo (UK) Amazon Echo (Ger) Amazon Echo (India) Amazon Echo (France)

Amazon Echo, often shortened to Echo, is an American brand of smart speakers developed by Amazon, Echo devices connect to the voice-controlled intelligent personal assistant service Alexa, which will respond when a user says “Alexa”. Users may change this wake word to “Amazon”, “Echo”, ” Computer “, as well as some other options.

The features of the device include voice interaction, music playback, making to-do lists, setting alarms, streaming podcasts, and playing audiobooks, in addition to providing weather, traffic and other real-time information. It can also control several smart devices, acting as a home automation hub.

Amazon started developing Echo devices inside its Lab126 offices in Silicon Valley and in Cambridge, Massachusetts as early as 2010. The device represented one of its first attempts to expand its device portfolio beyond the Kindle e-reader, Amazon initially limited the first-generation Echo to Amazon Prime members or just by invitation, but it became widely available in the United States in mid 2015, and subsequently in other countries.