How To Tell Alexa To Turn Volume Down?

How To Tell Alexa To Turn Volume Down
Download Article Download Article This wikiHow teaches you how to adjust Alexa’s volume using voice commands as well as the volume controls on the device itself, such as the Amazon Echo and Echo dot. These methods will work even when Alexa is playing music, podcasts, or other loud audio sources.

  1. 1 Say “Alexa”, Say the wake command to wake Alexa and she will begin listening for your next command.
    • The default wake command is “Alexa,” but if you’ve changed it to “Echo,” “Amazon,” or some other command, then use that instead.
  2. 2 Ask Alexa to increase or decrease the volume. In your own words, ask Alexa to raise or lower the volume and she will adjust the volume by one step up or down. For example, say, “Alexa, increase the volume,” or “Alexa, lower volume.”
    • You can make the phrase more conversational, such as “Alexa, would you please lower the volume for me?” But simply saying, “Alexa, louder,” or “Alexa, decrease,” will work too.

    Tip: Alexa understands words like; raise/lower, increase/decrease, higher/lower, up/down, and louder/softer, so use what comes naturally to you. Advertisement

  3. 3 Adjust the volume to a specific level between 0 and 10. With 0 being mute and 10 being the loudest, you can ask Alexa to change the volume to a specific level.
    • For example, say, “Alexa, set the volume to 6,” or simply say “Alexa, volume 6.”
    • Alexa also understands volume via percentage.0% would be mute, 10% would correspond to volume 1, 20% would correspond to volume 2 – all the way up to 100% which is volume 10. However, these percentages only come in increments of 10%, and only adjust if you mention your units of measurement (%) after the number.
  4. 4 Ask Alexa to mute the audio. Simply say, “Alexa, mute,” and, “Alexa, unmute,” to mute and unmute the audio. When Alexa unmutes the audio the volume will return to the previous level you were listening at.
    • You can also unmute by telling Alexa to set the volume to a desired level, as in, “Alexa, volume 3.”
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  1. 1 For newer Echo devices, press + or - to adjust the volume. Press the plus “+” or minus “-” buttons on the top of the device. Note: This includes the 2nd Gen versions of the Echo and Echo Dot, as well as the Echo Show and Echo Spot.
  2. 2 For devices with a volume ring, rotate the ring to adjust the volume. On the top of the device, rotate the ring clockwise to increase the volume and counter-clockwise to decrease it. The light ring will show the current volume level in white. Note: Devices with a volume ring include the 1st Gen versions of the Echo and Echo Dot as well as the newer Echo Plus,
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  1. 1 Open the Alexa app. It’s the app that has a blue icon with a white, brush-stroke circle.
  2. 2 Tap the Devices tab. It’s the icon in the lower-right corner that has two slider bars.
  3. 3 Tap Echo & Alexa, It’s has an icon that resembles an Alexa Echo speaker. This displays a list of all your Alexa devices.
  4. 4 Tap the devices you want to adjust. This displays the device settings screen.
  5. 5 Drag the “Volume” slider bar to adjust the volume. The Volume slider bar is on the device settings screen. Drag the slider bar right to increase the volume. Drag the slider bar left to lower the volume.
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  1. 1 Open the Alexa app. It’s the app that has a blue icon with a white, brush-stroke circle.
  2. 2 Tap the Devices tab. It’s the icon in the lower-right corner that has two slider bars.
  3. 3 Tap Echo & Alexa, It has an icon that resembles an Alexa Echo speaker. This displays a list of all your Alexa devices.
  4. 4 Tap the devices you want to adjust. This displays the device settings menu.
  5. 5 Scroll down and tap Sounds, It’s under the “General” header. This allows you to adjust the volume for alarms, notifications, and timers.
  6. 6 Drag the slider bar to adjust the volume. The slider bar is at the top of the screen. Drag the slider bar right to increase the volume of the alarms, notifications, and sounds. Drag it to the left to lower the volume of the Alexa sounds. Tip: You can also tap the Alarm or Notification option to select a custom sound for your alarms and notifications.
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  • Question My Alexa is not loud enough, even on the highest volume. How can I improve or increase the volume level? You’ll have to connect an external powered speaker. The good news is that your Alexa will sound much better.
  • Question How do I adjust Alexa’s initial volume? “Alexa, volume 7” (or any other volume from 0 to 10). Also, “Alexa, louder” or “Alexa, softer” work.
  • Question How do I get Alexa to set volume on music wake up – for instance, I say “Alexa, wake me at 7:30 a.m. tomorrow with music by Mozart, level 7”? Create a routine and add an action. Select “device settings” and go to volume to set it at a certain volume each time.

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  • If you experience persistent audio problems, such as inconsistent volume, try unplugging the device for about 10 seconds and plugging it back in.
  • If your Echo device is hooked up to speakers that are currently playing at a high volume, Alexa may not recognize your voice or commands as well. It may be necessary to use the hardware buttons or volume ring instead.
  • Adjusting the volume will cause the light ring on the Echo to display the current volume level in white before turning off again.

Show More Tips Advertisement Article Summary X 1. Say “Alexa” or the wakeup work you selected.2. Say “Set volume at.”.3. Say a number between 1 and 10 with 1 being the quietest and 10 being the loudest. Did this summary help you? Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 281,497 times.

Can Alexa turn down the volume?

Alexa, volume down on (device name). The volume will adjust in 10 level increments. Repeat the command as needed.

What are the volume commands for Alexa?

Basic Alexa commands Change volume: ‘Alexa, set the volume to 5,’ ‘Alexa, louder’ or, ‘Alexa, turn up/down the volume.’

Can Alexa turn down volume on TV?

Common Alexa Commands to Control Your TV – Once you have connected your TV to your Alexa devices, you can use voice commands to turn the TV on and off, change the volume, play or pause a movie, and more. All you have to do is say “Alexa,” followed by the command, and, finally, say the name of your TV or service provider.

  • “Alexa, turn on,” or “Alexa, turn off,” These commands either turn on or off your TV.
  • “Alexa, go home on,” This will instantly take you to the home screen on your TV, streraming device, or service.
  • “Alexa, lower the volume on,” This command lowers the volume of your television.
  • “Alexa, mute/unmute,” Mutes/unmutes your television.
  • “Alexa, play/pause/resume/stop,” Control the playback of your device.
  • “Alexa, open Hulu TV/Netflix/etc.” This will open streaming devices that you’re subscribed to.
  • “Alexa, fast forward/rewind,” Fast forward or rewind the video that you’re watching.
  • “Alexa, search for comedies/drama/horror movies on,” This will allow you to search for movies by genre.
  • “Alexa, play ‘Tropic Thunder’/’Man in the High Castle’ on,” This will immediately start playing a movie or TV show. However, you might have to use a remote to sign in to your streaming service before you can start playing certain videos.
  • “Alexa, change the input to HDMI1/Xbox.” Changes the input of your television to either HDMI1 or an Xbox, if you have it connected.

Those are just a few of the commands that your Alexa can do. If you’re don’t want Alexa interrupting your movie, check out our step-by-step guide on how to make Alexa whisper, How To Tell Alexa To Turn Volume Down $19.99 $29.99 in stock as of December 20, 2022 6:15 am $34.99 $54.99 in stock as of December 20, 2022 6:15 am Last updated on December 20, 2022 6:15 am HelloTech editors choose the products and services we write about. When you buy through our links, we may earn a commission.

How do I set my Alexa to auto volume?

How to Change Alexa’s Volume via Routines – You can make Alexa’s volume change automatically throughout the day using Routines in the Alexa app. To do this, open the app and go to More > Routines, Then tap the plus sign in the top-right corner and create a schedule with a custom action like “Turn the volume to 4.”

Open the Alexa app and tap More. You will see this in the bottom-right corner of your screen. Then tap Routines, How To Tell Alexa To Turn Volume Down Then tap the plus sign. You will see this in the top-right corner of your screen. Next, tap Enter routine name, How To Tell Alexa To Turn Volume Down Then type a routine name. Tap Next when you’re done. Note: The name will help you identify what the routine does, so it’s best to name it something like “Morning Volume,” “Night Volume,” or something similar. Next, tap When this happens, How To Tell Alexa To Turn Volume Down Then tap Schedule and choose a start time. To create your own schedule, tap At Time, How To Tell Alexa To Turn Volume Down Next, select the days and time that you want the volume to change. How To Tell Alexa To Turn Volume Down Then tap Add action. Next, select Custom, Then type something like, “turn the volume to 4.” Tap Next in the top-right corner when you are done. Next, tap Save, Then select which device you want to respond. Finally, tap the play button next to your routine name to make sure it works.

Check out our step-by-step guide on to find out more. : How to Change the Volume on Your Alexa Devices

What are basic Alexa commands?

Ask for help ‘Alexa, help’ Have a conversation ‘Alexa, let’s chat’ Mute or unmute ‘Alexa, mute’ or ‘Alexa, unmute’ Stop or pause ‘Alexa, stop’ or ‘Alexa, shut up’ Volume control ‘Alexa, set volume to 5’ or ‘Alexa, louder’ or ‘Alexa, turn up/down the volume’ (volume is a scale from 1 to 10, with 10 being loudest).

How do I get Alexa to control my TV?

How to control your TV with Alexa How To Tell Alexa To Turn Volume Down QUICK ANSWER To set up control of your TV with Alexa, open the Alexa mobile app, and go to Settings via the More tab. Tap TV and Video, then on the name of the TV or streamer brand you want to bridge with your Alexa speakers. Only some brands offer this functionality, and authentication processes vary.

How do I connect my TV to Alexa volume?

Connect an Echo Device to Your TV – Amazon Echo Studio (Credit: Zlata Ivleva) The process for connecting an Echo device with your TV differs based on whether you use a standalone TV or a multi-speaker system with a receiver, such as a surround sound setup with two front speakers, two rear speakers, and a middle speaker.

If you use a TV without a receiver, you will create the connection through your TV’s settings. If you use a receiver, you will go through the receiver’s settings instead. Go to the Settings screen on your TV or receiver, search for Bluetooth settings, and turn it on. You may also need to direct the sound to your Echo.

For my Denon receiver, I had to turn on a switch for Bluetooth Transmitter and then set the sound to pipe through both Bluetooth and the speakers connected to my receiver. At the same time, say “Alexa, connect,” and the Echo will start searching for a Bluetooth connection while your TV is looking for a Bluetooth device. If all goes well, both devices should find each other. The Settings screen on the TV or receiver should point to your Echo device, and your Echo should tell you that it’s connected to a TV or receiver. Now, play a video on the TV to test the connection. You may want to bump up the sound on your Echo. If you hear the sound from the TV coming through your Echo, then you’re in business. If not, try the Bluetooth connection again. When you turn off your TV or receiver, the connection with the Echo shuts down as well. If you want to disconnect your Echo, simply say “Alexa, disconnect,” and Alexa will tell you that it’s now disconnected from your TV/receiver. You can also manage the Echo’s connection through the Alexa app. Again, go to Devices > Echo & Alexa > > Bluetooth Connections and select the connected speakers or receiver. Tap Disconnect Device to stop the connection or tap Forget Device to remove the connection entirely.

Why does my Alexa keep getting louder?

Alexa Will Automatically Adjust Volume to be Heard When It’s Loud on September 2, 2021 at 8:00 am Amazon has added a new feature to Alexa to make sure users can hear the voice assistant even when there’s a lot of noise in the area. The adaptive volume option enables Alexa to measure decibel level in the space when activated and compensate for noise by automatically upping its volume to where the user should hear it.

Can I control Alexa volume from app?

You can make Alexa louder or softer using voice controls, the physical buttons or your Echo speaker, or the Alexa app. Alexa’s volume goes from zero (mute) to 10 (loudest) when you use your voice, but you have much finer control when using the Alexa app or the controls on the speaker. To change Alexa’s volume in the app, find the settings for your Echo device and adjust the volume sider. Visit Business Insider’s homepage for more stories,

There are several ways to control the volume of your Amazon Echo speaker. Not only can you control the volume by using the volume control on the device itself, but you can adjust the volume using voice commands and via the mobile Alexa app. For the most part, they all do the same thing, so you can use whichever method is most convenient. Here’s how to make your Alexa speaker louder or softer.