How To Make Alexa Say Something From Your Phone?

How To Make Alexa Say Something From Your Phone
Step 3a (optional): Create your own response – If none of the pre-made responses suit your needs or if you just want to get creative or prank your family and friends, you may want to customize your own response. To do this, simply tap the Customized option on the Alexa Says screen and type in what you’d like Alexa to say in response. This is where you can get really creative Michael Gariffo

Can I make my Alexa say something remotely?

How to Remotely Control and Access Amazon Alexa Amazon Echo owners already know how to summon Alexa by talking directly to the device. But what if you’re not near your Echo? Well, you can still talk to Alexa, run various tasks, and access different types of content.

  • You can control an remotely by choosing it from the Alexa app.
  • You can talk to Alexa from the iOS or Android app; iPhone, iPad, and Android users can interact with Alexa via an app called Reverb for Amazon Alexa.
  • Or you can purchase an Amazon remote control that lets you control your Echo.
  • Let’s go through the different ways of accessing Alexa and using your device remotely.

Advertisement How To Make Alexa Say Something From Your Phone Let’s start with the Alexa app itself (, ). Through the app, you can tune up music or audiobooks on any of your online Echo devices. Open the app on your mobile device. At the home screen, tap the hamburger icon ( ) and select Music & Books. At the Music & Books screen, tap the link to Browse Music. How To Make Alexa Say Something From Your Phone To browse for music from the Amazon Music screen, tap any of the categories at the top, such as Playlists, Artists, Albums, Songs, or Genres. You can also search your library for music. Tap a specific item you wish to play. You can now control your music with the built-in player to play, pause, move ahead, move back, and shuffle your music. How To Make Alexa Say Something From Your Phone You can also set up reminders and similar content on your selected Echo device. Return to the main screen and tap the hamburger icon ( ) again. Tap Reminders & Alarms. Tap the drop-down arrow and choose the Echo device you want to use. Tap one of the three links – Reminders, Alarms, or Timers. How To Make Alexa Say Something From Your Phone Using the Amazon shopping app, you can ask Alexa to order new products from Amazon, play music, search for information, and listen to Kindle books. If you don’t already have the Amazon app, iOS users can snag it from, while Android users can grab it from, Open the app and tap the Alexa icon at the top. How To Make Alexa Say Something From Your Phone The first time you do this, the app will request access to your device’s microphone. Tap the button to Allow microphone access. How To Make Alexa Say Something From Your Phone The app then asks what you’re looking for. You can now tell Alexa what you want her to do. Amazon would certainly be happy if you started ordering products. But again, you can tell Alexa to do many other things, such as play an album from Amazon Music, search for something on the internet, or access any other skill that you would normally access directly from your Echo device. How To Make Alexa Say Something From Your Phone The app then displays a large microphone icon. Just press the icon and speak your question or request. You can tap into most of Alexa’s skills, asking her to serve up quizzes, search for information, and offer the latest news and weather reports. The major hitch is that the app doesn’t support Amazon Music, Audible,, and similar audio services, so you can’t tell it to play music or read audiobooks. How To Make Alexa Say Something From Your Phone Amazon you can use to chat with Alexa on your Echo. For $29.99 (currently on sale for $19.99), the voice remote connects to your Echo via Bluetooth and includes a microphone you can use to talk to Alexa when you’re not near the device. The remote also offers buttons to raise the volume, lower the volume, play, pause, go back to the previous track, and jump ahead to the next track. How To Make Alexa Say Something From Your Phone To set up the voice remote, first insert the batteries to power it up. Then open the Alexa app. Tap the hamburger icon ( ) and tap Settings > Device Settings. Tap the Echo device you want to pair with the remote. Tap the option for Echo Remote. How To Make Alexa Say Something From Your Phone Press and hold down the play button on your remote for five seconds and then wait for confirmation that the remote and your Echo have paired. Alexa should then tell you that the remote and your Echo are paired. You can now talk to your Echo device through the remote, telling Alexa to play music, serve up information, and tap into all her other skills and abilities. If you have more than one Echo device, note that you can pair the remote with only one device at a time. Sign up for Tips & Tricks newsletter for expert advice to get the most out of your technology. This newsletter may contain advertising, deals, or affiliate links. Subscribing to a newsletter indicates your consent to our and, You may unsubscribe from the newsletters at any time. > Table of Contents Use the Alexa App Amazon Music Reminders, Alarms, or Timers Use the Amazon App Microphone Access Tell Alexa What You Want Reverb for Amazon Alexa App Ask Alexa Use a Remote Control Set Up the Remote Pair With Echo : How to Remotely Control and Access Amazon Alexa

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Can Alexa act as a speaker for my phone?

The living guide to Alexa Use Your Echo Device as a Bluetooth Speaker Amazon’s Echo smart speakers are best known for the Alexa voice assistant that powers them, but they can also function like any other Bluetooth speaker to play music, podcasts and other audio programming from your smartphone, tablet and other Bluetooth-enabled devices.

  • Not only does this bolster the quality of your audio, but it also allows you to source services that remain inaccessible by Alexa, including Apple Music and popular podcast apps.
  • The Echo Tap does not support Bluetooth pairing.
  • Not all Echo smart speakers offer superior sound quality, however.
  • The is best for engaging with Alexa and receiving spoken audio updates rather than listening to music.

The second-generation can supply quality sound to a small or medium-sized room. And the is quite robust for any room. Echo speakers can be synced to boost volume collectively, but Multi-Room Audio is not supported for Bluetooth connections. This is due to limitations of Bluetooth technology rather than a shortcoming of Amazon.

Can Alexa do text to speech?

Amazon’s own TTS tool: Polly – While Amazon Alexa itself is not a TTS tool for Android, iPhone, or other Apple products, there is a TTS tool available from Amazon known as Amazon Polly. Amazon Polly is a popular text-to-speech tool you can use to turn written text into lifelike speech.

Can I connect iPhone to Alexa?

How do I pair my iPhone with an Alexa device? – If you have an Alexa device like an Amazon Echo, you can also link it to your iPhone via Bluetooth. That’s an option if you’d like to play music or other audio through an Echo but don’t want to connect any of your music accounts to Alexa (or if you keep all your music as downloads in your iPhone library).

Fortunately, connecting via Bluetooth is simple. Finish setting up your Alexa device — if you’ve already set up the Alexa app, this should also be easy. When you’re ready, unlock your iPhone and ensure Bluetooth is activated. Hold the iPhone near the device and say, “Alexa, pair with Bluetooth.” Your iPhone should quickly pick up the Alexa device in pairing mode and ask if you want to take action.

Choose to Pair, and the two devices will link. Now you will be able to connect again by telling Alexa, “Alexa, connect to my iPhone,” or give the name you have called your iPhone. With the Bluetooth connection, any music you play from your iTunes library, Apple Music, etc., will play from your Alexa device. How To Make Alexa Say Something From Your Phone Bill Roberson/Digital Trends

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How do I get Alexa to hear me on my phone?

For devices without a screen: press the Action button to see if your Echo device responds. To make sure that Alexa hears you, move your device away from walls, other speakers, or background noise. Speak naturally and clearly. Rephrase your question or make it more specific.

Can Alexa ring 999?

What Is an Alexa Emergency Contact? Alexa attempts to call and text your emergency contact when you or someone in your house says, “Alexa, call for help.” Alexa attempts to call and text your emergency contact when you or someone in your house says, “Alexa, call for help.” After you set up Alexa Communications, you can assign a contact as an emergency contact in the Alexa app.

“Call for help.” “Call my emergency contact.” “Call my contact for help.” “Call my help contact.” “Help.” “I need help.”

If your emergency contact misses your call, your contact can use the Alexa app to call your Echo device. Note:

This service is not a substitute for emergency response services or 999, If anyone from your household asks Alexa to call for help (including from devices in Amazon Kids mode), Alexa attempts to call and message your emergency contact. If your Echo device isn’t connected to Wi-Fi or the phone number is incorrect, Alexa is unable to call or text your emergency contact. If your emergency contact opts out from receiving messages, or they have a landline number that doesn’t support SMS, Alexa is unable to text them. Alexa calling doesn’t support calls to the following types of numbers:

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Emergency service numbers (for example “999”) Premium-rate numbers Three-digit numbers / abbreviated dial codes (for example “211”) Dial-by-letter numbers

: What Is an Alexa Emergency Contact?

How do I control Alexa when away from home?

Set Guard to Away mode when you leave To set Alexa Guard to Away mode, just say, ‘I’m leaving.’ In Away mode, Echo devices show a rotating white light, and Echo devices with screens show a shield icon. If you forget to set Guard to Away on your way out, use the Alexa app to set it remotely. Open Devices. Select Guard.

Can you listen to Alexa while away from home?

Alexa Guard – A helpful security feature for your Amazon Echo is called Alexa Guard. This free, built-in tool uses the Echo’s microphone to listen for activity, like a window breaking, in your house when you’re not there. To enable this setting, open your Alexa app menu and tap Settings, From here, scroll down to the bottom and select Guard > Set Up Guard, Tap Add to allow Alexa to send you notifications for Smart Alerts on your phone. The notifications will alert you if Alexa detects the sound of smoke alarms, carbon monoxide alarms or breaking glass. Tap Confirm, When you’re ready to leave your house for the day, you can say, “Alexa, I’m leaving” to activate Alexa Guard. Remember to say, “Alexa, I’m home” when you return home. On the same screen in the Alexa app, you can tap the green button at the top that says Home to turn on Alexa Guard. If you live with other people, make sure to let them know that you’ve turned Alexa Guard on – this way, they can turn the setting off when they arrive home. Read more: Top 6 cheap home security devices in 2020 Your Echo device will listen for sounds like glass breaking and smoke alarms. Tyler Lizenby/CNET

Can Alexa announce someone at door?

Your Amazon Alexa-enabled device can play doorbell Announcements and announce that someone is at your home or that motion or a person has been detected.