How To Listen To Siriusxm On Alexa?

Sports in the den, comedy while you cook, jazz by the pool. With Alexa, it’s a snap to play your pick of SiriusXM channels on Amazon Echo devices and lots of other enabled speakers and media players, room by room. To Enable the SiriusXM Skill with Alexa: 1.

Can Alexa play SiriusXM stations?

The quick and simple fix – Alexa voice assistant manage Amazon Echos, and one of Alexa’s chief advantages is the multitude of skills it has to enable specific services or abilities. One of those skills is SiriusXm, which you can find right here, So, using SiriusXM with your Echo is as simple as enabling that skill for Alexa on the Alexa app via the Skills & Games section.

How long will SiriusXM be free?

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Is SiriusXM free with Amazon?

Amazon teams up with SiriusXM to offer three months of free service for Echo owners SiriusXM announced today that it will offer a new partnership with Amazon to give, To take advantage of the deal, you need to be a new subscriber to SiriusXM radio. (Current customers are, unfortunately, out of luck.) Then, just sign up for either a SiriusXM Premier Streaming or SiriusXM All Access subscription through Amazon’s portal, and — assuming you’re an Echo owner — you’ll get the first three months of that subscription free.

Can you get a lifetime subscription to Sirius radio?

Account Payments Setup SiriusXM App & Other Devices Vehicle Radios & Equipment Trials & Subscriptions SiriusXM Programming SiriusXM Music for Business Can I transfer my Lifetime subscription to a new radio? Can I transfer my Lifetime subscription to a new radio? Yes! Active lifetime subscriptions (excluding Lifetime subscriptions included with the purchase of certain luxury vehicles) are now transferrable an unlimited number of times to a new radio on your account.

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Log into OAC, locate the radio with Lifetime service, and select Replace this radio with another from the dropdown menu.

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How much was a Sirius Lifetime subscription?

SiriusXM loses ‘Lifetime Sub’ lawsuit – February 11, 2021 By Chris Forrester US pay-radio broadcaster SiriusXM has lost a Class Action lawsuit. The action was heard before a California federal court where SiriusXM was accused of misleading subscribers about the terms of a ‘lifetime subscription’. The action said that listeners signed up on ‘Lifetime Plans’ or ‘Lifetime Subscriptions’ deals and yet had not received the promised services. Sirius XM asserted to the court that its ‘Lifetime Subscriptions’ were limited to the life of the radio originally used for the subscription (as opposed to the life of the subscriber) and that its ‘Lifetime Subscriptions’ were subject to a limited number of radio transfers, subject to a $75 transfer fee for each such transfer.

SiriusXM had charged fees ranging from $357 to $755 for one of its lifetime offers. The settlement totals $96 million with some $3.47 million going to the lawyers. But the Class Action members do receive other benefits. Under the Settlement, Class Members with ‘Lifetime Subscriptions’ that are active as of June 5th 2020 (‘Active Lifetime Subscriptions’) will be able to transfer their ‘Lifetime Subscriptions’ from one satellite radio to another radio capable of receiving Sirius XM’s satellite radio service (either pursuant to a paid or trial subscription to satellite radio and/or data services) for an unlimited number of times provided that they pay a transfer fee to Sirius XM of $35 for each transfer.

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The Settlement reduces the transfer fee from $75 to $35. Copyright © 2001- 2022, Advanced Television Ltd.

How do I get Sirius to lower my bill?

Contact the SiriusXM retention department and ask to speak to someone about re-assessing your plan. Mention how much you are enjoying the service, but explain that you feel your rates are too high and want a better deal.