How To Listen To General Conference On Alexa?

How To Listen To General Conference On Alexa
How to play general conference on Alexa

  1. Add the Gospel Voice skill to your Alexa device by saying: ‘Alexa, enable Gospel Voice.’
  2. After the skill is enabled, say: ‘Alexa, ask Gospel Voice to play general conference.’
  3. The feature can recommend a talk or help users find a talk.

How can I listen to general conference talks?

Ways to Watch or Listen to General Conference Live Plus ways to enjoy conference later Online Mobile Apps Radio and TV (International) Radio and TV (US and Canada) Smart Speakers

(Echo, Echo Dot, Amazon Fire TV Cube, and so on). Audio of all sessions will be streamed live in English.

First add * to your Alexa: Say, “Alexa, enable Gospel Voice.” Then say, “Alexa, ask Gospel Voice to play general conference.”

Google Assistant devices (Nest, Home, Mini, Auto, and so on). Audio of all sessions will be streamed live in English.

First add Gospel Voice** to your Google Assistant. Say, “Hey, Google. Talk to Gospel Voice.” Then say, “Hey, Google, ask Gospel Voice to play general conference.”

*Gospel Voice is not affiliated with or supported by**Gospel Voice is not affiliated with or supported by Google Inc. Ways to Enjoy Conference Later

What radio station is general conference on in Idaho?

BYU-Idaho Radio to Broadcast LDS Conference April 2, 2019 By Brandon Isle BYU-Idaho Radio will broadcast every session of the General Conference of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints this weekend. This is the 189th Annual General Conference of the Church and is broadcast from the Conference Center at Temple Square in Salt Lake City, Ut.

  • The five sessions of the conference are April 6-7.
  • The morning sessions begin at 10 o’clock Saturday and Sunday with the afternoon sessions at 2 o’clock both days.
  • The Priesthood Session is at 6 p.m. Saturday.
  • Speakers include general authorities of the Church and other leaders.
  • Music for the sessions is provided by the Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square and regional choirs.

BYU-Idaho Radio will also replay the General Conference talks on 91.5 and 88.3 FM in the weeks following Conference. : BYU-Idaho Radio to Broadcast LDS Conference

How can I watch the general conference 2022?

Watch or Listen Live All sessions will be streamed live on the live broadcasts page of You can also watch and listen on the General Conference YouTube channel; Gospel Library app; and other radio, television, satellite, and digital channels.

What radio station is general conference on 2022 Utah?

How to listen to general conference on the radio –

Utah listeners can tune into KSL Radio (AM 1160, FM 102.7) and KBYU (FM 89.1). General conference will also be available at Sirius XM (Channel 143).Visit to find general conference on your local radio stations.

Can I listen to general conference on the radio?

4. How to listen to general conference on the radio: – Utah listeners can tune into KSL Radio (AM 1160, FM 102.7) and KBYU (FM 89.1). General conference will also be available at Sirius XM (Channel 143). Visit to find general conference on your local radio stations.

How can I watch general conference on my smart TV?

#1: Watch Digitally –, Live video in more than 70 languages. Some languages will appear on the home page of and others will appear on the language pages, General Conference YouTube live video in 11 languages and the YouTube app for connected TV devices and smart TVs (Roku, Apple TV, Fire TV, game consoles and smart DVD players) in English. The web address for American Sign Language (ASL) is or ASL YouTube Channel, Gospel Library mobile app, Just click the general conference banner to be connected to live video in more than 30 languages. Latter-day Saints Channel Mobile App, Live video in more than 10 languages. Latter-day Saints Channel OTT connected Smart TV on Roku, Apple TV, Fire TV, Android TV, Live video in the same 12 languages as above. BYUtv, BYUtv International, and BYUtv apps (Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, Xbox One, and Windows Mobile). Live video in English. KSL TV mobile app in English

Closed captions are available at in English, Spanish, and Portuguese by choosing the CC button on the Media Player (Flash). Also available in English on Apple iOS devices by going to the video settings on the device and turning on closed captions.

What channel is general conference on?

How to watch October 2022 general conference live – Online streaming options

Live broadcast page of (more than 70 languages). General Conference YouTube channel (more than 30 languages). will feature the live English YouTube broadcast of each session. (English).


Gospel Library (more than 30 languages). Latter-day Saints Channel for Google / Android TV, Apple / Apple TV, FireTV (more than 10 languages). BYUtv for Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, Roku, XBox One and Windows Mobile (English).

Live television

BYUtv will broadcast all sessions in English live on 154 cable providers (Ch.9403 on Dish Network and Ch.374 for DirecTV).Utah residents can view general conference in English on KSL-TV (Ch.5),For other live television options, see the listings provided by Bonneville Distribution,


KSL Radio (1160AM and 102.7FM).BYU Radio (Ch.143 on Sirus XM Satellite Radio).

What station is KSL radio?

KSL (radio network)

Salt Lake City, Utah
Frequency 1160 kHz (HD Radio)
Branding KSL Newsradio 102.7 FM/1160 AM
Format News/talk

What radio station is GAA on today?

BBC Radio Ulster – Sportsound, GAA Football League.

How can I watch the general conference in April 2022?

Watch or Listen Later – Following the broadcast, the messages will be available in text, audio, and video formats on multiple channels for on-demand viewing and studying, These channels include Gospel Library, Gospel Media, the General Conference YouTube channel, a General Conference podcast, and the Church magazines,

Is there a Saturday night session of general conference 2022?

Saturday Evening Session – October 2022 – General Conference – BYU Radio.

What time is LDS general conference today?

The three Saturday sessions begin at 10 a.m., 2 p.m. and 6 p.m. * Sessions on Sunday morning and afternoon are at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. The First Presidency, members of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, and other General Authorities and General Officers will share messages of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Is LDS general conference on the radio?

9 ways to watch or listen – The conference will be translated into more than 93 languages and broadcast to more than 170 countries and territories on the Church satellite system, and other media, noted a letter from the First Presidency sent in February. : Sessions will be streamed live in more than 70 languages. General Conference YouTube channel : Sessions will be streamed live in more than 30 languages. Gospel Library app : Sessions will be streamed live in more than 30 languages. Latter-day Saints Channel : Sessions will be streamed live in 10 languages. KSL TV, KSL NewsRadio, or the KSL app : Sessions will be streamed live in English., BYUtv app, KBYU radio : All sessions will be streamed live in English. Amazon Alexa devices and Google Assistant devices: Sessions will be streamed live in English through the Gospel Voice skill. Bonneville International: Find a cable, broadcast TV or local radio station in your area. Tune In: : Search for ” Saints Channel Talk ” or ” Canal Mormon,” All sessions are streamed live in English and Spanish.

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Is Radio 5 Live available on FM?

Uniquely to the BBC Radio network, it is the only station that is neither purely digital (such as 1Xtra, Radio 4 Extra and 6 Music) nor broadcast in analogue on FM.

What station is ESPN Radio in Utah?

ESPN 700, KALL 700 AM, North Salt Lake, UT | Free Internet Radio | TuneIn.

How can I listen to local radio for free?

What you should know about radio – The term radio comes from the Latin radius that means stream. We use this term as a shortcut for radio receiver or broadcast receiver, which makes it possible to receive radio broadcasts. You can receive radio through terrestrial broadcasting – this works through electromagnetic waves – or through broadband cable as high-frequency electrical signals.

  • It is a similar principle to antenna and cable television.
  • Both transmitted signals are converted into sound, which gives us our daily information.
  • However, the term radio does not only refer to the device itself but also to radio stations such as National Public Radio (NPR), News Radio 1000 AM and many others.

Invented at the beginning of the 20th century, radio represents the oldest digital mass media and has developed in an extraordinary way to the present. Not only the technical progress is visible, but also the variety of online offers available has increased.

  1. The classic range of FM stations has been joined by an extensive array of web radio.
  2. Nowadays, almost every FM station offers an online radio stream as well, so it can be heard everywhere and independent of conventional frequencies.
  3. Furthermore, there are web-only stations that are devoted to a very specific genre or topic.

They offer their listeners a very specific program, perfectly matched to their musical tastes. Radio is no longer just the pure transmission of information paired with musical entertainment today – but is a true experience! The term internet radio is used for different things.

Internet radio or web radio can be used to describe a station that broadcasts via streaming over the web instead of using the conventional FM frequencies. However, the word internet radio also refers to the device that is capable of receiving and playing radio streams. Another common name for these devices is WiFi radio.

The internet radio can replace the traditional radio device in the kitchen. Most devices have an integrated database that contains the stream URLs of radio stations. Some models also have additional built in FM and DAB+ transmitters. The device has to be connected to the internet and then offers a large selection of programs.

  1. It can become problematic when the integrated database is no longer supplied with updates.
  2. Therefore, it can happen that stations are no longer available.
  3. For receiving radio stations over the internet, you do not necessarily need an internet radio device.
  4. The same variety can also be accessed easily and is free of charge via an app or directly in the browser.

Apps and websites usually offer a better overview when it comes to searching and more information about the stations. Web radio or internet radio is a radio program that offers you an internet-based service. You can listen to this service online via a stream, for example on your computer or smartphone.

In contrast to a conventional AM/FM station, you receive a web radio station online. Therefore, an internet connection is indispensable. In addition to their AM/FM offerings, most radio stations also have a web stream so that they can be reached beyond their frequency-bound broadcast area. In the last few years, the online programs have grown enormously and offer a whole new radio experience.

Many web-only radios, which can only be received online, are devoted to a very specific music genre and do not interrupt their programs with advertising or entertainment content. The variety of web radios is almost infinite and offers an extraordinarily varied selection of the most diverse genres, programs and international stations.

  • All accessible with just a single click.
  • HD Radio is a bridging technology designed to replace traditional FM transmission.
  • Instead of radio waves, a digital signal is transmitted which is received by HD Radio receivers and converted into sound.
  • Many HD Radio radios are also capable of FM reception in addition to the HD Radio standard.

These devices are also referred to as hybrid radios. The variety of stations for HD Radio is somewhat greater than via FM. FM frequencies on which the stations are transmitted must be far enough apart from each other. And since only a limited frequency spectrum is available, the number of potential stations in any given broadcasting area is limited.

  1. The transmission of HD Radio signals has far fewer restrictions here, which is why more stations can be broadcast in a HD Radio transmission area.
  2. The choice is even greater with web radios and internet radios, as each radio station here has unique stream URLs and there can be no overlaps.
  3. Basically, a distinction is made between HD Radio and internet radio even though both convert digital information back into sound.

For HD Radio, the stations need special transmitters to broadcast the signal. This signal has a geographical range depending on the transmission power. There is also no two-way connection between the transmitters and the receivers. This is also referred to as one-to-many broadcasting.

A transmitter can be received by any number of devices within its transmission area. But the transmission areas are limited in the radius around the transmitter. The receiving devices do not communicate back to the transmitter. For internet radio, an internet connection between the transmitter and the receiver, is actually necessary.

So-called streaming servers are used for this purpose. The receivers or listeners connect directly to these servers via the streaming URL. The capacity of a server always has a technical limit, called slots, so the number of simultaneous listeners is limited.

  1. The large web radios do not only use one streaming server, but have flexible networks that can also serve many simultaneous listeners.
  2. There is actually a two-way connection between the sender and the receiver.
  3. The streaming server can technically count how many devices are currently connected.
  4. There is no classic broadcasting area, either.
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Internet radio can be received around the globe as long as an internet connection can be established. Listening to the radio has become very easy on the Internet. You can listen to your favorite radio stations from all over the world directly in your browser.

  1. With, everyone has a free radio search engine and the right receiver at the same time.
  2. Simply enter the name of the radio station in the search and start the station.
  3. You can also search for specific music genres, topics or cities.
  4. The free service from always offers the right program.

Of course, the whole thing also works with the smartphone, either in the browser or with the practical app, which is available for download free of charge. You can listen to online radio with any smartphone. The program is then received not via AM/FM or HD Radio, but via the Internet, which is why this reception channel is also called Internet radio or web radio.

  1. The selection of radio stations is therefore much greater than with classic radio.
  2. The easiest way to listen to the radio on your mobile phone is via a radio app.
  3. Most radio apps are free and easily available in the respective app stores for iOS and Android.
  4. With an AM/FM or HD Radio, you can listen to the radio even without an Internet connection.

Online radio or web radio always requires a data connection for the transmission of the current radio program. The selection of programs is then limited to the radio stations in the respective broadcast area. This means that offline radio does not offer the same huge variety of stations as web radio.

The program of the vast majority of broadcasters is offered free of charge. However, an internet connection is necessary for the transmission and data is also transferred. If you have a data flat rate with your internet provider, as is common nowadays, then internet radio does not incur any additional costs.

There are also a few internet radio stations for which premium access to the radio station is required. However, these stations are not integrated into the free service of There are programs for PC and Mac that you can download and install to listen to web radio.

  • However, it is even easier to listen to your favorite station directly in the browser.
  • All you need is an internet connection, a browser, a free service like and headphones or speakers connected to your computer.
  • For many years, there has been a discussion whether the old FM technology should be switched off.

This is about the spread of HD-compatible radios compared to classic FM radios and the online use for radio reception. Each technology offers advantages and disadvantages. For radio operators it is also a question of cost if all three transmission channels are to be financed simultaneously.

  • In Europe, Norway has already discontinued FM transmission.
  • In Switzerland, the time will soon come.
  • In the US, the two reception modes will continue to operate in parallel for some time.
  • HD Radio was developed by the company iBiquity.
  • The standard was selected by the U.S.
  • Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in 2002 as a digital audio broadcasting method for the United States.

Since 2012, HD capable receiver adoption has significantly increased in newer cars. Several aftermarket radio systems both for vehicles and home use contain HD Radio receivers and special features such as Full Artist Experience. Stand-alone HD devices, however, are not so widespread.

Why do we listen to general conference?

Why should we listen to general conference? “Why should we listen to general conference?” Friend, Mar.2015, 20–21 Special Witness Adapted from “General Conference: Strengthening Faith and Testimony,” Ensign, Nov.2013, 6–8. The members of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles are special witnesses of Jesus Christ. Image Friend Magazine, 2015/03 Mar I promise that if you will listen, you will feel the Spirit. We can hear the word of the Lord meant just for us. Through general conferences our faith gets stronger and our testimonies grow deeper. If you pray with a real desire to hear your Heavenly Father’s voice in the messages of conference, you will find that He has spoken to you to help you.

Listening to the Lord

How do I ask Google to play a radio station?

Control the radio in your car – With Assistant built-in, you can listen to the car radio or a radio app, like iHeartRadio. For example, if you say:

  • “Hey Google, play 102.7,” Assistant will play that station on the car radio.
  • “Hey Google, play 102.7 on iHeartRadio,” Assistant will play that station from your streaming app.

Tip: Ask Assistant to play a radio frequency, not a station name or call sign.

Can you watch General Conference on YouTube?

1. Digital Archives –

Video and audio streams of full sessions will be available on immediately after each session, and downloadable session videos will be available in Gospel Library within 6 hours of each session. Individual talk segments will be available on and on the Church iTunes channel in many languages within 24 hours after each session. Watch full sessions and music and talk segments in more than 10 languages on the general conference YouTube channel within 24 hours. Read the text of conference addresses in English in Gospel Library by the Wednesday after conference weekend. Text for most languages will be available within two weeks. On Latter-day Saints Channel in connected TV platforms and mobile apps, see the general conference collection in the “Watch” section. Read all conference talks online in the digital November issues of the Liahona magazine. The digital November issues of For the Strength of Youth and the Friend will also contain conference messages and features.

What channel is general conference on Roku?

19 July 2011 – Salt Lake City News Release

,,  Copied to Clipboard 

Technological developments to instantaneously distribute media for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints include Mormon Channel radio, recent redesigns of and, and a strong presence on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, Another innovation is the recent launch of the Church’s own Roku channel.

Temple Square is always beautiful in the springtime. Gardeners work to prepare the ground for General Conference. © 2012 Intellectual Reserve, Inc. All rights reserved. 1 / 2

Download Photos The Mormon Channel on Roku gives anyone with high-speed Internet access and a Roku box the ability to stream Latter-day Saint content — including the upcoming 2011 Pioneer Day Commemoration Concert 23 July at 7 p.m. — straight to a television.

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A Roku player is a 1-by-5-inch box that enables instant play of various entertainment channels to stream movies, shows, news, radio and other entertainment through televisions. “The Mormon Channel allows access to content they wouldn’t normally get, like the new Joseph Smith film,” said Bob Jones, product manager of syndication for the Church.

“Anyone who has this box will no longer need to wait for old DVDs or cassette tapes. They can enjoy the experience in their living room instead of gathering around the computer.” General conferences and other events can be viewed live on the Mormon Channel on Roku.

  1. Mormon Messages, Church Educational System devotionals and many other materials are also available for streaming on this channel.
  2. Channel managers said they are pleased that thousands of people have downloaded the Mormon Channel on Roku in the past six weeks and that it is currently the top-rated channel in the Roku channel store.

Jones said Roku boxes were tested in 182 locations during the 181st Annual General Conference and are currently being tested in 100 meetinghouses across the world.

,,  Copied to Clipboard 

Style Guide Note: When reporting about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, please use the complete name of the Church in the first reference. For more information on the use of the name of the Church, go to our online Style Guide,

Can I download conference talks?

As President Russell M. Nelson spoke at the end of the 191st Semiannual General Conference, he said, “​​We have been given our charge for the next six months. Now the question is, how will we be different because of what we have heard and felt?” The English texts of the general conference talks are available on Gospel Library, both in the app and online at

The talk texts in other languages will be added in coming days, according to the Church’s Newsroom announcement on Wednesday, Oct.6, The video and audio to each individual talk are available and PDFs are available to download or print using the icons on the top of the page online or in the app. Conference talks are also available on the General Conference YouTube channel,

Other ways to watch, listen or read messages from general conference include:

November magazines: The conference talks will be in the digital and print editions of the Liahona magazine. Issues of For the Strength of Youth and the Friend will also have conference messages and features. YouTube: Upcoming releases of videos highlighting various conference messages in the General Conference Segments playlist.General conference podcast: The talks will be available soon on Amazon, Google Play, iTunes and Spotify,Latter-day Saints Channel: Sessions are available in connected TV platforms and mobile apps.

Is general conference open to public?

The General Conference building is open to the general public for a daily tour at 9 a.m., Monday through Thursday. The free 45-minute building tour explains the current activities of the church headquarters and several of its organizations, as well as artifacts and exhibits throughout the building.

Can you download LDS conference talks?

How To Listen To General Conference On Alexa The official English text of the general conference talks is now available at and in the Gospel Library app, Text in many more languages will be posted over the next several days. Each page provides the video and text of the conference talk. How To Listen To General Conference On Alexa

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How can I watch LDS Church online?

Church Satellite Broadcasts Available Online “Church Satellite Broadcasts Available Online,” Liahona, Dec.2006, N15–N16 Web users are able once again to see and hear the prophet speak in archived electronic text, audio, or video versions of general conference online in more than 40 languages.

Users can find their language archives by visiting the Gospel Library on and selecting “General Conference.” Some of the languages offered are Cambodian, Chinese, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Mongolian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Samoan, Spanish, Swedish, Tagalog, Thai, and Ukrainian.

Internet users can now also access live video streams of general conference. Beginning with the first major test at the April 2006 general conference, the Church partnered with BYU-TV to provide live video streams of general conference in English through a link on

  1. The Church previously provided live conference video streaming on about three years ago, but stopped when the cost per user became prohibitive.
  2. Last year BYU-TV offered to provide the service, and the partnership began when the Church linked to BYU-TV to provide live video streams of the Joseph Smith celebration and the 2005 First Presidency Christmas Devotional.

Ron Schwendiman, manager of Internet coordination in the Church’s Curriculum Department, says the service “enables English speakers who are not able to get to a building or who are unable to receive it through other means to be able to watch conference live on their computers.” Through this technology, more than 200,000 live online video connections from more than 126 different countries were provided during general conference in April.

  1. Of the sessions, the Sunday afternoon session had the most Internet traffic with 108,312 connections.
  2. Brother Schwendiman said some interruptions in the service occurred during conference, but feedback has been mostly positive as the Church and BYU-TV continue to work to understand how best to use the technology to provide another venue to access conference.

Web users who have a high-speed Internet connection can go to the broadcast page on during live Church broadcasts and click on a link that will take them to BYU-TV’s live video stream. BYU-TV launched in 2000 and has regularly broadcast Church content for programs such as general conference, the Young Women and Relief Society general meetings, and Church Educational System firesides.

  1. BYU-TV had previously provided a limited number of online video streams, but in November 2005 it partnered with a company that provides mass video streaming capability on the Internet.
  2. The technology allowed BYU-TV to provide online video streams to thousands of viewers.
  3. The technology also allowed viewers who live on the other side of the globe, where conference airs during the middle of the night, to access sessions at a time convenient to them.

BYU-TV also offers a Windows Media stream for Mac, Linux, and other users ( The Church provides Windows Media video archives of the conference broadcasts at, Although the live video stream is currently available only in English, discussions are ongoing about the possibility of providing the live video streams in other languages.