How To Delete Alexa Account?

How To Delete Alexa Account
Remove an Alexa Profile from your Amazon account.

  1. Visit Manage Your Profiles.
  2. Select the profile you want to remove.
  3. Select Remove this Profile.
  4. Select either Remove Profile or Cancel.

Can you delete Amazon Alexa?

The short version –

  • Delete using smartphone
  • Delete using a computer
  • Removing non-Echo devices

How To Delete Alexa Account Open the Amazon Alexa app, tap on the Devices icon in the bottom navigation bar, and then tap “Echo and Alexa” near the top of the screen. Tap on the name of the Echo device you wish to remove from your account, then tap the Settings icon in the top right corner.

  • How To Delete Alexa Account Open a web browser, head to Amazon and log in to your account. Then go to the webpage. Click on the Devices tab near the top of the screen, then click on Echo. This will reveal all the Echo devices associated with your account. Click on the one you want to remove.
    • On the new screen that appears, click Deregister on the right.
    • A pop-up will appear asking if you’re sure: click Deregister.
    • You can also deregister a device through the,
    • Once you’re logged in, click “Settings” on the left navigation bar, then click on the name of the device you want to deregister.
    • Scroll down to the bottom of the new page that appears, and click Deregister.

    A pop-up will appear asking if you’re sure: click “Deregister”. You’re now free to unplug your Echo and sell or give it away.

  • Removing other smart devices can be done in a similar way, but there’s a potential catch. If you remove a device from Alexa, next time you get the voice assistant to discover new smart products, your deleted product may come back. For that reason, you need to approach this in a slightly different way by following our guide on,
  • What does deregistering do? It removes the device from your Alexa account, so that it can’t access your private information or smart home devices again. : How to remove Alexa devices from your Amazon account

    How do I delete my Alexa email account?

    Remove an Alexa Profile Remove an Alexa Profile from your Amazon account.

    Visit, Select the profile you want to remove. Select Remove this Profile, Select either Remove Profile or Cancel,

    Note: Once removed, the profile will be removed from your account, including from all enrolled programs and services and you will no longer be able to access it. The account holder’s profile cannot be removed. Related Help Topics : Remove an Alexa Profile

    Does deregistering Alexa reset it?

    What happens when you deregister an Echo device? – How To Delete Alexa Account Panthere Noire/Shutterstock Deregistering an Amazon device completely removes all personal details from the device, including your name, username, password, and any personal settings. It also deletes the device from the list of your devices on your online Amazon account.

    1. Once a device has been deregistered, it’s as completely back to its original state as it can be in relation to both the device’s firmware and any associated online accounts where it had been listed.
    2. With any Alexa device, deregistering will also have the effect of resetting the device to factory settings — you can’t complete the first process without the second also occurring — but it’s not necessary to deregister your device to reset it to factory settings.
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    In fact, deregistering a device completely when all you really intended to do was reset it to factory settings will likely add unnecessary steps when you go to reconfigure or set up the device again from scratch since you’ll have to now re-register the device to your account a second time.

    How do I delete all data from Alexa?

    How to Stop Alexa from Saving Your Voice Recordings – To stop Alexa from saving your voice recordings via a web browser, go to and select Manage Your Alexa Data, Then click Choose how long to save recordings and select Don’t save recordings, Finally, click Confirm and then Confirm,

    Go to, Then select Manage Your Alexa Data. How To Delete Alexa Account Next, click Choose how long to save recordings. How To Delete Alexa Account Then select Don’t save recordings and click Confirm, How To Delete Alexa Account Finally, click Confirm, How To Delete Alexa Account

    Once you know how to delete all your Alexa history, check out our list of the best smart home devices, How To Delete Alexa Account

    Does Alexa listen to your conversations all the time?

    You may wonder if Alexa is listening to conversations, or listening to everything you say. You may want to know whether Alexa listens to you when you’re not directly interacting with an Echo device. The answer to those questions is no. Alexa and all of our Echo devices are designed with your privacy in mind.

    Does Alexa record everything in your house?

    Can Alexa Record Conversations Without Your Knowing? – While Alexa offers assistance in so many areas of life, it’s natural to wonder: Can Alexa record conversations? Does Alexa listen to everything you say? Does Alexa spy on you? You need to know that Alexa is technically always listening, even without explicitly triggering an Alexa device.

    Alexa does not actively record and store all your conversations, but it’s always listening for “Alexa,” the wake word. Once you say it, anything you say that follows is recorded and stored in the cloud. On occasion, Alexa may think you’ve said its name when you haven’t. There are reported instances of Alexa sending conversations to people’s co-workers or even strangers.

    These incidents shed some light on the imperfect nature of voice assistant technology. But unfortunately, this is where the problem lies—there are times where Alexa will record conversations without you knowing. One of the reasons Alexa will record conversations is to learn more about you, the user.

    Is Alexa tied to my Amazon account?

    As existing Alexa users will know, an Amazon account is required for activation, maintenance, and use of the Alexa app, Echo devices, and Alexa functionality on other smart home tech and Televisions.

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    What happens when you deregister your Amazon account?

    Sign Out vs. Deregister Device on Amazon Prime Video – There is no big difference between signing out and deregistering devices on Amazon Prime Video. When you ask someone using your Amazon Prime Video account to sign out, the person can always login back into your account using your email address and password.

    1. After signing again, Amazon will restore the purchase history and Recently Added titles to your account.
    2. This is because your device continues to appear as a registered device with your Prime Video account.
    3. When you deregister a device from your Prime Video account, it will also remove all your data from the device, including your purchase history and watchlist titles.

    And after logging back in, Amazon will restore all your data and preferences. But after you deregister, the device name will no longer be visible in your Amazon account. You can use this feature, especially when you exceed the maximum devices allowed limit for your account.

    Can you have 2 accounts with Alexa?

    You don’t need to buy a new Echo for every member of your house. Alexa supports multiple user profiles, so it’s possible to share an awesome Amazon Echo speaker among family members. Unlike Google Home, though, setting up your Echo for multiple users is not straightforward—the process is more convoluted than it should be.

    Can you have two Amazon accounts on the same Alexa?

    This Amazon Echo Tip Is Great for Families and Roommates I deally suited for common spaces like the kitchen or the living room, the (and its little cousin, the ) is an ideal device for sharing with family, friends, and roommates, because all you need to use it is a voice.

    1. But you may want to keep some of the Echo’s features to yourself.
    2. Thankfully, Amazon offers the ability to associate Alexa, the Echo’s voice assistant, with multiple user accounts.
    3. One big benefit to using multiple accounts on your Echo is getting access to the content, like music and audiobooks, owned by all of its users.

    For instance, if your roommate bought the new Ed Sheeran album via Amazon’s digital music store and both of your Amazon accounts were linked on the same Echo or other Alexa-enabled device, you can pre-game to “Shape of You” too. (This benefit works with other Amazon devices too.) Read more: Linking multiple accounts on an Echo isn’t just a smart move for roommates.

    1. Spouses and significant others can also benefit from getting together.
    2. Linked accounts share their to-do lists and calendars, making sure that everyone’s on the same page — even on a device that doesn’t have a screen.
    3. To add accounts to your Echo or other Alexa-powered device, open the Amazon app and tap on the menu button in the top-left corner.
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    Next, tap on Settings, and then select Manage your Amazon Household under the Account heading. Following the directions from there should let you add a new user to your Alexa device — provided they already have an Amazon account. (If they don’t, it’s simple to sign up for one.) There is one important detail to take note of: all the accounts added to an Echo will be able to order items from Amazon using the original user’s credit card.

    So, word to the wise: Set your Echo to require a password to confirm purchases. (This is a good idea in general.) To set up the confirmation code, navigate back to the settings and tap on Voice Purchasing, which is right above Household Profile. On the screen that appears, you can select a four-digit PIN, or disable voice purchasing entirely.

    To switch between user profiles, simply say “Alexa, switch to ‘s account.” Or, if you don’t know whose account the Echo is associated with, you can always say, “Alexa, identify account.” Contact us at, : This Amazon Echo Tip Is Great for Families and Roommates

    Can I have 2 Alexa’s on one account?

    How do you group Alexa devices for multi-room music? – You can register two or more Alexa-enabled devices to one Amazon account. Once you do that, you must put them all on the same Wi-Fi network, and then you can get them set up for multi-room music using the Alexa app, which includes creating a group for them.

    1. Select Devices from the bottom bar
    2. Tap the + in the top right corner
    3. Tap on “Combine speakers” from the menu
    4. For multi-room music, pick the top option – but home cinema and stereo pairing are also options
    5. On the next page select the Echo devices to include in the group, tap Next
    6. Choose a name for your group, tap Save
    7. Once done, say: “Play on “


    How do I stop Alexa from recording everything?

    Amazon – You can put a stop to Amazon employees listening to your voice recordings. In the Alexa app, go to Settings > Alexa Privacy > Manage Your Alexa Data, From here, select Choose How Long to Save Recordings > Don’t Save Recordings > Confirm, Next, scroll down to Help Improve Alexa, and switch the Use of Voice Recordings to off.

    Can I use Alexa without Amazon subscription?

    Pick a Device to Set Up – Echo Setup in iOS You need an Amazon account to use Alexa, but you don’t need Amazon Prime (Opens in a new window), Sign in on the app. Then click More on the lower right and select Add a Device, Here you can add any number of Alexa-supported devices to your account, from smart lights to smart plugs.