How Do I Stop Alexa From Spinning Blue?

How Do I Stop Alexa From Spinning Blue
Unplug Your Echo Speaker – The first thing to try, as with many malfunctioning devices, is to turn it off and on again. Unplug the Echo speaker, wait around 30 seconds, and plug it back in. Hopefully, the spinning blue lights that appear then turn off after a few seconds.

Why does my Alexa blue light keep spinning?

A cyan spotlight on a blue ring means that Alexa is listening. The light ring glimmers briefly when Alexa has heard and is processing your request. A briefly glimmering blue light might also mean the device is receiving a software update.

How do you get Alexa to stop scrolling?

Visual Cards: The Echo Show Display – To know why your Echo Show scrolls and rotates, you’ve got to understand the visual cards. These cards are a visual response to a voice command given to your Amazon Alexa. For example, if you say: “Alexa, show me the weather for today”, the Echo Show will display a screen that accompanies the voice of Amazon Alexa.

This screen is a visual card. Since Echo Show is compatible with all Amazon Alexa skills, these skills all have an interface in the form of visual cards. Some are only displayed when you initiate the skill, such as Amazon Music, YouTube, and others. However, plenty of enabled skills display your visual card on the rotating screen while you’re idle.

Some of them include weather, calendar, clock, thermostat, and plenty of others. Unfortunately, Echo Show is yet to launch a feature that allows you to get rid of rotating display cards. They will scroll on your home screen for as long as you’re idle. There’s only one way that you can temporarily stop the rotation and make the screen stay on one particular card – the clock.

By default, the Echo Show is set to rotate the screen continuously. Although you can’t completely turn off the rotation, you can adjust the settings so it scrolls until the end only once. Afterward, the display will stop on the clock display card for the time it remains idle. You can access the rotation options from the settings.

Follow these steps:

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Swipe down from the top of the device to reach the quick-access menu.Tap the ‘Settings’ icon (gear icon) on the right of the menu. Select the ‘Home Screen’ menu. Tap the ‘Home Screen Preferences’.Choose ‘Rotate Once’ from the ‘Rotation’ section.

When finished, swipe down to the quick access menu again and return to the home screen. Now you can just wait for the display cards to rotate, and once the screen shows the clock card, it won’t rotate anymore. Note that this solution is only temporary.

Why is my Alexa blue and not turning orange?

Amazon Echo Wi-Fi setup: How to Properly Set Up an Amazon Echo – Most connection issues begin with the setup. A device that was not correctly set up or was unable to connect early on can cause problems. First, we’ll walk you through the proper steps to start using your Echo device.

Download the Amazon Alexa App from iOS or Android, You can also access Alexa online,Plug in your Echo using its power cable. The ring light will turn blue and start spinning to let you know it’s turned on.Next, the orange light replaces the blue one to signal setup mode as Alexa welcomes you to the Amazon Echo.The setup process should start automatically and you’ll be prompted to sign in with your Amazon account “email” and “password.” If the prompt fails, move to the next step. Otherwise, skip to Step 6.If the setup doesn’t start automatically, or the orange light doesn’t appear when you first switch on your Amazon Echo, go to the Alexa app and tap on “More > Add a Device.” Now, select “Amazon Echo” and choose your device from the list. How Do I Stop Alexa From Spinning Blue Follow the on-screen setup instructions.The next step involves connecting the app to your Echo and connecting your Echo to your Wi-Fi network. On the “Begin Echo Setup” screen, click “Connect to Wi-Fi.” The orange ring should now appear on your device. If the orange light still doesn’t appear, go to step 11. How Do I Stop Alexa From Spinning Blue Close the app, open “Settings,” and go to “Wi-Fi.” If the phone has recognized your Amazon Echo device you will see a Wi-Fi network with a name that starts: Amazon-XXX. It can take up to a minute to appear on the list.Selecting this Wi-Fi network will drop your phone from your main Wi-Fi network and connect it directly to the Amazon Echo.Once connected, you get prompted to connect the Echo to your main Wi-Fi network. Enter your “Wi-Fi password” when asked and Echo will join the network.From this point on, any Echo device on the same network can communicate with each other and with the Amazon Alexa app.If the orange light still doesn’t appear, press and hold the “Action” button for five seconds, then go back to step 7 and try again.

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Upon completing the above steps, your Amazon Echo device is connected to your Wi-Fi network and becomes the internet server for your phone or tablet. This setup lets you control the Echo using the app while also getting internet to your portable device.

How do I fix Alexa glitch?

Alexa can’t connect to your smart home devices – Amazon Echos support a long list of smart home appliances. The growing list includes devices like the Ecobee3 and lines from companies such as Honeywell, Insteon, Lifx, Nest, Philips Hue and Wink. Even more devices and services have added official Alexa support by way of skills that help make that service or device take your verbal commands (e.g., “Alexa, tell Philips Hue to turn on the kitchen light”). To add a new device, open the Alexa app and tap Devices > Add Device > select the device you’d like to add (like a smart switch or plug) and follow the instructions in the app. Even if the devices aren’t natively supported and don’t have skills, you’re not entirely out of luck. Alexa has an official IFTTT channel and also integrates with Yonomi, both of which have an extensive list of supported smart home devices. If you’ve already added your devices but Alexa can’t seem to connect to them, there are a couple of solutions. Check the command you’re using, aka your invocation. The commands vary between different devices, skills and connected services, like IFTTT. They can be oddly specific commands, and small differences in the phrasing or names of the devices can throw Alexa for a loop. If Alexa can’t find your smart home device, try powering down the devices. Chris Monroe/CNET Some smart home devices have trouble staying connected due to software problems, crowded networks, being always on or other issues. Powering down the connected devices and turning them back on again will usually fix any connectivity problems you’re having.