How Amazon Alexa Us Uk?

How Amazon Alexa Us Uk
Make Alexa Speak German or with a British Accent –

Launch the Alexa app and head to Settings and select the Echo device you want to change Alexa’s voice for.

Next, scroll down and select Language under the General section of the menu. A small menu will appear, and from there you can select US English, UK English ( to give Alexa a British accent), or Deutsch (if you happen to speak the language).

After you change Alexa’s voice to your liking, everything will work the same as it always has, but Alexa now has a British accent. It’s fun to vary things up every now and then. To give you an idea of what to expect, check out the short recording below of Alexa with a British accent.

I personally find that giving Alexa a British accent to the digital assistant provides a rich and more human experience. I find it easier to understand, too. Default voices on other digital assistants like Siri or Google Assistant sound plain and robotic. I haven’t tested this with the Echo Dot or the Echo Tap but it works well with the original Echo.

If you have an Echo Dot or Tap, let us know if this works. Alexa is also available on the Fire TV, however, there currently isn’t an option to give it an accent. What do you think of the British accent for Alexa? Do you like to change the accent or language of other digital assistants such as Siri, OK Google, or Cortana on other platforms? Leave a comment below and let us know your thoughts.

Will Amazon Alexa work in UK?

“So Alexa, how do you get smarter?” – “It’s still Day One for the team working on my automatic speech recognition and natural language solutions that will revolutionise how you interact with me. lets other device makers add me to their products and the allows third-party developers to develop every day.

Can I use my US Alexa in the UK?

How Amazon Alexa Us Uk Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority People outside the US are often jealous of the country getting first access to new technologies and services, Amazon Alexa being a prime example (pun intended) — it was initially launched as a US exclusive in 2014.

  • The voice assistant is now available in more than 40 countries, but for some people, there’s still reason to be jealous.
  • If you’re in that camp, can you use Alexa in non-supported countries? Read more: How to use Amazon Alexa QUICK ANSWER Yes, Alexa can work in non-supported countries, but only under narrow circumstances.

You’ll need an international version of the Echo or Echo Dot, and that speaker must also be compatible with local power standards. You’ll additionally want the Alexa app for Android or iOS, which may mean fudging your app store location to download it.

Can you use Alexa in non-supported countries? Which countries officially support Alexa?

How much is Alexa monthly UK?

JUST £4.99/MONTH £4.99/month after. New subscribers only. Terms apply.

Can you change Alexa region?

Open the Alexa app. Select Devices. Select Echo & Alexa, and then select your device. Select Device Location.

Is Alexa free to use UK? Customer Questions & Answers How Amazon Alexa Us Uk Showing 1-10 of 145 answers Is there an extra charge to use dot with amazon music · 06 July 2020 20 of 22 found this helpful. Do you? | I pay £3.99 for echo dot will I continue to pay this if I sign to Amazon Prime · 09 October 2020 18 of 21 found this helpful.

  1. Do you? | I have been charged £9.99 a month for Alexa.
  2. Why is that? · 03 May 2020 59 of 79 found this helpful.
  3. Do you? | I’ve just bought a Alexa 3 gen how much is it to get amazon music etc? · 26 June 2020 12 of 14 found this helpful.
  4. Do you? | There are no subscriptions or fees required to use the Echo or Echo Dot.

You can listen to music you have purchased in your Amazon digital music library. Many Echo users do have Prime membership, but it is not required. The Echo family and Alexa play music from your amazon resources. You can listen to Free internet radio stations on the Tunein Radio skill.

  • · 19 March 2017 13 of 16 found this helpful.
  • Do you? | Hi Heather.As far as I know Alexa is free.
  • I’ve never been asked for a payment.Here’s the Alexa app.
  • Https:// Good luck.
  • · 19 March 2017 5 of 5 found this helpful.
  • Do you? | I have just been charged £14.99 it was only supposed to be £3.99 that i agreed too anyone able to help with why please · 05 April 2021 3 of 3 found this helpful.

Do you? | Have an alexa echo plus, is there a charge for using it? · 01 January 2021 10 of 15 found this helpful. Do you? | I buying a echo dot for my friend how much will it cost to use Alexa · 15 December 2022 Do you find this helpful? | I pay £9.99 to Amazon for my Alexa.

Is Alexa expensive to run UK?

Our homes are filled with electronic devices with the average house containing 10 left on standby. Research from electricity and gas supplier Utilita has revealed that the average UK household has 10 items left plugged in and switched off on standby. READ MORE: The Lancashire area with the highest energy bills An estimated 30% of UK homes have items left on standby that haven’t been used in a year, the MEN reports,

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Archie Lasseter, sustainability lead at Utilita, said: “Standby mode is a real energy drainer – some items use the same amount of energy as when they’re switched on. “In each home, leaving just one TV on standby can waste up to £16 of electricity a year, which is a staggering £432 million for all UK households.” Here are the seven worst offenders when it comes to draining energy when left on standby: PlayStation, Xbox and games consoles A PlayStation costs 2.41p per hour played, and an Xbox 2.22p – this is because they use 130 and 120 watts respectively when in use.

When left on standby, the consoles still use 10 watts, meaning even when not in use they’re costing 0.18p per hour. While seemingly insignificant, it works out at 4.45p a day, equating to £16.24 a year. How Amazon Alexa Us Uk PlayStation 5 (Image: Gemma Sherlock) Printer Like a TV, a printer uses around 40 watts of energy in use. And when still left on standby it continues to eat up four ways. By the end of the day, this totals 1.78p, equating to £6.50 a year unnecessary added to your bills.

Laptop Utilita says running a laptop for five hours will cost around 6.95p as the device uses about 75 watts of energy. Make sure your laptop is unplugged when fully charged and switch it off when you’re finished, rather than just closing the lid. While the device will only use around 3 watts of energy in standby mode, leaving on idle mode can cost an extra 1.33p a day, adding up to £4.87 over 12 months.

Phone charger It’s definitely not the biggest cost per year, but a phone will add an extra 32p to your bill, not including the energy you use while actually charging, so try and think ahead when finding a convenient time to charge your mobile. TV Utilita states a TV uses 40 watts of energy while in use, but much like the consoles, it uses 10 watts when sitting on standby.

That means, for five hours of watching it’s costing around 3.7p, but even if it’s left untouched all day but in standby, you’re still paying 4.45p a day. Over the year this amounts to £16.24. Baby monitor On average, a baby monitor uses around 15 watts of energy when in use, and 3 watts when on standby.

Over a year, that’s an extra £4.87 on your energy bill. Alexa and other smart speakers How Amazon Alexa Us Uk Over a year smart speakers can add £3.45 to your bill (Image: Archive) While in use a smart speaker will only need about 3 watts of energy, however on standby that barely changes, dropping to 2 watts. This means over the year it can add an extra £3.45 to your bill – and that’s just per speaker so if you have multiple devices throughout your home it will add up.

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Does Alexa cost monthly? Preguntas y respuestas de los clientes How Amazon Alexa Us Uk Mostrando 1-10 de 161 respuestas November 11, 2019- I just got off the phone with Amazon since I’m trying to buy the new Echo and was informed there is a $3.99 monthly fee subscription for Alexa. Mix information online and over-the-phone just leads me to not get the device because I will not purchase something that might or might not be free to use.

I also asked if that fee is “waived” for Amazon Prime members and the answer is “No. Alexa is a separate service not covered by Amazon Prime.” So there. Free if you already have it but apparently not free if you want to get started now. · 11 de noviembre de 2019 A 142 de 161 les pareció útil. ¿Y a ti? | I was paying $4.29 for my monthly bill for prime music but, the last 2 mos.

I was billed $8.49, I am getting ready to cancel due to no reason why it went up, · 7 de mayo de 2022 A 8 de 9 les pareció útil. ¿Y a ti? | I have alexa is there a monthly fee for a second alexa · 28 de diciembre de 2020 A 7 de 16 les pareció útil. ¿Y a ti? | Alexa increase from $4.99 To $9.99 for a single Device.Wow a Big Jump on pricing · 27 de octubre de 2022 ¿Esta información te resulta útil? | There is no monthly fee to use your Alexa/Echo device.

However, if you want to listen to specific songs by a specific artists, you will be prompted to start a music unlimited subscription. · 8 de julio de 2021 A 27 de 30 les pareció útil. ¿Y a ti? | There is no monthly fee to operate Alexa on Amazon Alexa-enabled devices. There are subscription services that you can buy which have monthly fees, such as Amazon Prime Services.

· 23 de agosto de 2021 A 10 de 11 les pareció útil. ¿Y a ti? | Alexa is part of your Amazon account. She’s an AI, like Siri or Google. There are additional fees for Amazon Music Unlimited (including Family Plan). And some games and skills like Question of the Day.

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· 22 de noviembre de 2021 A 10 de 14 les pareció útil. ¿Y a ti? | Is there a fee for Alexa with the portal mini · 27 de noviembre de 2020 A 5 de 7 les pareció útil. ¿Y a ti? | a different question, i have Alexa in Spain,bought in Uk,and works no fee, if i do not keep my prime membership in uk will Alexa stop with music radio etc · 3 de enero de 2021 A 1 de 3 les pareció útil.

¿Y a ti? | I have an Echo a year ago and later that year got one for my wife. Now they want a monthly fee for the 2nd one. This is a total rip. I’m going to see about returning the 2nd one. · 16 de octubre de 2020 A 17 de 19 les pareció útil. ¿Y a ti? | : Preguntas y respuestas de los clientes

Is Alexa popular in the UK?

What is a smart voice assistant? – Voice assistants are clever helpers that are a key part of your smart home system, responding to your instructions, serving up information (like facts or weather forecasts) and controlling your home appliances. You can talk to them from your phone or via a dedicated smart speaker, and the big benefit is hands-free control, so you can get your gadgets working without having to physically touch them.

Voice assistants are only getting more and more popular too. Amazon’s Alexa is supported on over 100,000 different devices, and last year research from Ampere Analysis found over half of UK internet households now own a voice assistant, There are three main assistants: Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple’s Siri.

We’ll be talking about just the first two here, as they’re supported by the most smart home products. How Amazon Alexa Us Uk Yagi Studio Getty Images

Does Amazon Alexa work outside the US?

The Alexa app is not available for download in all countries, but you can confirm availability in your local app store. You can go to to complete setup of your device, but some additional features are only available through the Alexa app.

Is Amazon Alexa dual voltage?

A: It is multi-voltage. The included AC adapter states it accepts 100-240 volts AC, 50/60 Hz.

Is music on Alexa free?

Customers in the US who do not yet have a Prime membership or a subscription to Amazon Music Unlimited are able to listen to an ad-supported selection of top playlists and stations on compatible Alexa-enabled devices with Amazon Music, for free. Who may be part of a Family Plan?

Is Spotify free on Alexa UK?

Spotify How Amazon Alexa Us Uk How Amazon Alexa Us Uk Spotify Rated: Free to Enable “Alexa, Play Today’s Top Hits on Spotify” “Alexa, Play An Oral History of The Office podcast on Spotify” English (GB)

Arabic (SA)English (AU)English (CA)English (GB)English (IN)English (US)French (CA)French (FR)German (DE)Hindi (IN)Italian (IT)Japanese (JP)Portuguese (BR)Spanish (ES)Spanish (MX)Spanish (US)

Description Use Spotify to listen to music and podcasts on Alexa. Before you start, please make Spotify your default music streaming service and default podcast service so you don’t have to say “”on Spotify”” every time you ask Alexa for your favourite audio content.

To do this, follow these simple steps: 1 – Set up your Alexa device using the Amazon Alexa app 2 – Open the menu, go to Settings, then Music 3 – If Spotify is not set up, tap ‘Link New Service’, select Spotify 4 – Link your Spotify account to your Alexa account 5 – Tap ‘Default Services’ and then select Spotify as the Default Music Library, and also select Spotify as your Default Podcast Service.

Use Spotify Free and ask Alexa on your Echo smart speaker for: • Any artist, album or track to hear a music mix inspired by your choice • Your personal playlists to hear a playlist radio based on your mix • Or listening to our specially curated playlists for every genre, mood or activity! Tune in to hundreds of personalised radio stations with favourite and up-and-coming artists Go Premium and : • Listen to music ad-free • Ask for any track or album on-demand Spotify also offers thousands of podcasts, including originals that you can’t find anywhere else.


Is Alexa free without prime?

Summary: Is Alexa Free? – Amazon Alexa is a 100% free service. There’s no monthly fee and no subscription required to use Alexa. You don’t even need an Amazon Prime account. Although there are some benefits to using Alexa if you have one. Once you purchase an Amazon Echo device, you’ll gain full access to Alexa.

  1. You must have a device that can access Alexa in order to use the AI.
  2. These include a Smartphone, Dot, Echo, Tablet or Smart Speaker.
  3. Hardware that can utilize Alexa start at around $50 for a Smart Speaker but can cost over $250 for an Echo Show.
  4. Amazon makes their own line of Alexa devices along with third party manufacturers.

Alexa is Amazon’s cloud-based voice service AI (Artificial Intelligence). It’s available on more than 100 million devices made by Amazon and other third-party device manufacturers. Alexa is a digital assistant similar to Google’s Siri. You can ask Alexa just about any question and it’ll respond with the answer in just a few moments.

  1. You can also give it commands like adjusting the volume or changing a channel.
  2. Alexa is voice activated, so there are no buttons you need to push when you want to use it.
  3. Simply say “Alexa” when you’re in range of the device followed by your question or command and the AI will get to work.
  4. Although Alexa is 100% free to use, there are lots of additional services which you can use for a fee.
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These include Alexa Guard Plus, Netflix, Spotify, Hulu, Disney+, Pandora, etc. You can also control many other devices like Smart Light Bulbs and Thermostats with your Alexa. But you have to buy them separately. If you have any questions about Amazon Alexa, any time.

How do I change my Amazon region?

Go to Manage Your Content and Devices and click Preferences. Click Change under Country Settings. Select or enter your address, and click Update. If you are eligible to purchase digital content from another country, follow the on-screen prompts to learn more about what will happen if you transfer your Amazon account.

How do I check my Alexa region?

Open the Alexa app. Select Devices. Select Echo & Alexa, and then select your device. Select Device Location.

What countries does Alexa work in?

Amazon Alexa is more ubiquitous than ever and is now available in over 42 countries worldwide – and in a host of languages. After initially only being supported in the US, Canada, UK, India, Japan and Germany, Alexa can now work in far less obvious places, from the Cayman Islands to Cambodia and plenty in between.

Best Alexa-compatible smart home devices

But it’s not as straightforward as just logging onto your Amazon account and ordering an Echo Dot or full Amazon Echo smart speaker, Below, we’ll explain how to actually get Alexa if you live internationally, which features you’ll have access to and some potential workarounds if you’re having trouble.

The best Amazon Alexa skills Essential Alexa Commands you need to know

Can Alexa answer phone calls?

Can Alexa Answer Phone Calls? – Yes, Alexa can answer phone calls from callers who have a compatible Echo device or Alexa Calling on the app. However, Alexa cannot answer calls from mobile or landline numbers. To receive calls from regular numbers, you must hook up your Echo with the Echo Connect, a device that turns your landline into a smart speaker system.

  1. When the lights around the device turn green and a ring tone sounds, Alexa will say ” would like to talk.”
  2. Say, “Alexa, answer.” If you have an Echo Show device, you can also tap on the green answer button on your screen. You can also say “Ignore” if you don’t want to pick up the call.
  3. Alexa will pick up (or ignore) the call.
  4. Say “Hang up” to end the call, or tap the End icon if you’re using an Echo Show.

What can Alexa do without prime UK?

Listen to music services such as Spotify and Amazon Music (Ad free and other features are behind a seperate paid subscription) Check weather, news, and more information. Set alarms and reminders. Use to call other Echo speakers in your smart home and phone contacts.

Can Alexa call a phone number?

This story is part of Home Tips, CNET’s collection of practical advice for getting the most out of your home, inside and out. Alexa is no doubt a fun sidekick. It can host a top-tier game night, it help you relax at the end of a long day and it even has a great sense of humor,

But more importantly, Alexa is super practical. One of the main perks of Alexa is that it can streamline your daily communication. That’s right – if you have an Amazon Echo Show 10, Echo Dot, Echo Flex, the latest Echo Show 15 or one of the many other neat Alexa devices on the market today, you could ditch your landline and use Alexa to make calls and send messages.

Not only can you use Alexa to make Amazon Echo-to-Echo calls, but you can use your Echo device to call someone’s mobile phone or landline, and use your Echo Show to make video calls. Sound complicated? It’s actually simple. All you have to do is say, “Alexa, call Mom” or “Alexa, call (insert name),” and you can start your voice or video call.

Why is my Alexa in American?

6 steps to change Alexa’s accent: –

Open the Alexa appSelect the Devices icon on right side of the bottom navigation barTap the Echo & Alexa icon on the top leftTap the device for which you want to change Alexa’s accentScroll down and tap Language under the General sectionTap the accent/language of your choice (British accent would be the English (United Kingdom) option)

Pro Tip : Changes you make only effect the device you tapped in step 4. You’ll have to update Alexa’s accent for each of your Alexa devices individually.

Can I use Alexa outside the United States?

The Alexa app is not available for download in all countries, but you can confirm availability in your local app store. You can go to to complete setup of your device, but some additional features are only available through the Alexa app.